Naughty! ‘The Hook’ Is The Sizzling Hot Sex Position Driving Couples Wild

Using Saliva as Lubricant During Sex

When it comes to sex, we all have our favourite, go-to moves to help us hit the spot. But should you reinvent the old classics to take them up a notch? A raunchy position called “The Hook” might just be the answer.Thankfully it doesn’t involve too many bedroom acrobatics, and is a passionate twist on the tried-and-tested missionary. And couples are going wild for it as it makes the man feel “fuller” and “bigger” inside you. The position starts with the man on top with the woman lying on her back. The “hook” part comes into play with the woman hooking her legs up and over his shoulders – typically with the ankles just resting on the shoulders.The man leans over the woman, supporting his weight in his hands, and opening his thighs slightly to straddle her. This means the woman can hold his thighs or waist to guide him in and get maximum penetration. A good tip to remember for this and other positions: crossing your ankles (in this case, behind his neck) helps tighten the vaginal canal.Photo Credit: Getty


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