Natural Hair: Just Before You Put A Clipper On It!

The trend of natural hair styling seems to have taken over in the hair revolution. Prior to this, hair lovers had to constantly go through rigorous activities such as perming or applying creme relaxer to get a achieve a good hair style.

However, with the introduction of the natural hair trend, hair and beauty enthusiast have swiftly migrated to the other side of the fence.
Although keeping a natural hair seems to be in vogue, there are a lot silents pains “naturalistas” go through before achieving that perfect look. The natural hair can serve for both simple and complex styling which makes it a better choice for those who love fashion and beauty trends. It takes about a year for a recently trimmed hair to pass for styling of any sort. Although this can be achieved in less than a year with multiple natural hair products, and recorded history of rapid hair growth.

The maintenance of a natural hair is usually cost consuming, especially if an attractive outlook is to be achieved. Ranging from eggs, to yoghurt, bananas, and sometimes avocado oil, the constant and repeated use of these natural moisturisers can take a toll on ones budget. The constant use of other fruits and nourishers as these, still doesn’t guarantee a steady and healthy growth.

Fall outs and breakages are constant occurrences in the styling and maintenance of natural hair. These breakages can be as a result of dried out roots or negligence on the part of the individual. However, the constrains remains the same with or without proper care, with the only difference being the amount of hair loss.

Natural hair can also be time consuming with a once in while testimony of bad hair day.  The way the hair is maintained before going to bed is a pointer to how it look the next day for styling. Often times, even with a good and proper maintenance of the hair a night before, the hair could simply decide not to “cooperate” leaving the individual frustrated. While some can cope with this constant disappointment, other resort to applying creme relaxer to end their woes.

Natural hair can be a definition of true beauty, however without proper information and products to maintain it with, natural hair can be a disaster. Photo Credit: Getty

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