Monday, October 18, 2021

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Discovers 10 New Planets Like Earth

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National Aeronautics and space Administration NASA has discovered 219 new suspected planets out side earths solar system. 10 planets were suspected to be like earth, since they are found to be “rocky”, existing in their solar system’s ‘Goldilocks zone’, not too close to their star, not too hot nor too far away and not too cold for liquid water to exist.The presence of water is seen as a key factor for the existence of life. So this might just be a great news. This was confirmed by a tweet shared by NASA, “Scientists using @NASAKepler have identified 219 potential new worlds!”. In another statement, Nasa said: “There are now 4,034 planet candidates identified by Kepler. Of which, 2,335 have been verified as exoplanets. Of roughly 50 near-Earth size habitable zone candidates detected by Kepler, more than 30 have been verified”. Gotten from Independent, Mario Perez, a Kepler programme scientist at Nasa, stressed the importance of the space telescope. “The Kepler data set is unique, as it is the only one containing a population of these near Earth-analogues – planets with roughly the same size and orbit as Earth,” he said. Space agency also says that latest findings have remarkable implications for the search for life in other parts of the universe
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