NASA And SpaceX Dragon Capsule Docks With International Space Station

NASA in has confirmed that the Dragon Crew capsule has docked with the International Space Station in Orbit high above Mongolia. NASA's SpaceX Dragon Capsule Docks With ISS On Pioneering Mission

NASA has confirmed that the SpaceX-constructed module has achieved a successful “soft capture” manoeuvre with the giant space station.

Twelve hooks have engaged, ensuring an airtight seal between the ISS and the SpaceX vehicle.

The docking is one of the most delicate and dangerous parts of the mission. The Dragon Crew capsule and the International Space Station came together while they were orbiting 250 miles above the Earth and moving at 17,500 m.p.h.

US astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken are now preparing to board the ISS. Mission Control reported that, aside from a minor problem with Behnken’s spacesuit, the docking had gone off without a hitch.

Photo Credit: Getty

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