Five Nigerian Celebrities Who Supports ‘Yahoo Yahoo’

The agelong battle against “Yahoo Yahoo” seems to not be diminishing any time soon, especially with some ‘high profile’ Nigerians backing the act up. Many Nigerians in the diaspora have shared that this fraudulent behaviour has constantly ruined their chances of being treated equally or fairly in the different segments they found themselves with. Lots of Nigerians have lost juicy appointments and collaborations to the distrusting sentiment of foreigners they work with. Many a time, we see videos of young Nigerians who have been nabbed after deceiving some foreigners and swindling them out of their hard earned money. Yet, this has not served as a viable lesson to some Nigerians who engage in this scam. And we wonder why? However, in light of the recent revelations by Nigerian singer, Naira Marley who has openly come out to support the illegal activity, we can boldly say the major reason for this crime is ENTITLEMENT! Many of these ‘yahoo boys’ believe that they have a right to some of the funds and properties they steal simply because their forefathers were enslaved by the ‘whities’ forefathers. So whatever money any ‘whity’ makes, they are simply making the compensation money for them to flex with. And this notion was recently backed by Niata Marley who said that: ”If you know about slavery, you go know say Yahoo no be crime”. In light of the ongoing attack on the Nigerian celebrity by Nigerians and some celebrities, we have decided to look at other celebrities who have also in one way or the other supported Yahoo Yahoo.

  • 2face: Nigerian music sensation 2face runs the Rumors Night Club in Festac town and is said to be the most patronized club in the neighbourhood. This may be because the lounge revived the dying nightlife in Festac Town. It has been rumoured that the major patronisers of the club are yahoo yahoo boys who pop money into the club daily. At a certain time, a fan advised the singer to close down the club and invest in forex trading instead to which the Oyi singer declined to say: “Nwannem Gbagbue that tin, we are trying 2 recover our forefathers’ money” 
  • M.I: Although he refuted the claims accusing him of supporting the scam, M.I once said that the music Industry cannot survive without Yahoo Yahoo boys. He shared that the industry is mostly funded by internet fraudsters aka Yahoo Boys, to which he added that banks do not really support music labels. M.I owns the Chocolate City Labels, where is his support coming from? In an interview with Pulse, M.I said9: “There’s no bank in the history of Nigeria that has given one Naira to any label. There’s no corporate entity that has given any label. It’s young guys. In fact, you’re more likely to get money from a Yahoo Boy. Shout-out to Yahoo Boys. May God prosper your business. There’s no bank in the history of Nigeria that has given one Naira to any label.” Clarifying his statement, he further roped himself in by adding that: “Let me explain why I’m saying that. If Nigerian music is left up to the corporate world, we’re dead. We’re finished. Shout-out to all the money that comes from funny places. Shout-out to all the funny politicians.”
  • SamClef: Singer Samclef’s relevance to this feature is a funny one, he did not openly come out to support yahoo boys per se, but he did not attack them either. Being on the fence is safe right? Except that he condemned Nigerian singer Simi for openly attacking them saying we have more pressing problems. One only wonders what he really defines as pressing? Samclef shared that: “I’m not supporting fraud but is that the only problem we have. Nigerian artists won’t talk about bad governance, killing of innocent lives. If the system was ok, all these won’t be happening. Fake attention.” Fake attention he says? We wonder how he would feel when he loses a huge music deal because foreign investors do not trust Nigerians, after all, we are all in this together!
  • 9ice: Everyone remembers how we all jammed to “Living things” right? Good news is, there are about four yahoo boys the popular music sensation praised in his hit song. He praised the “chache” boys for wiring all the funds. This hit song dragged out rapper Falz, who called 9ice out for promoting yahoo yahoo with his song. And of course, as usual, Falz was counter dragged for interfering with the hustle, he was not brought up on the street so how dare he criticise the one thing that drives the street right? 9ice played the PR perfectly, came out to say his song was not glorifying the scam, but as a “ginger” song for everyday workers. But we all know the truth right? 
  • Olamide: The street went gaga when Olamide and Lil Kesh got back together to give us one solid jam, “Logo Benz”. Immediately it came out, it had all the makings of a hit, the beat was a whole vibe. But looking beyond that, Nigerians looked keenly to discover the song was actually promoting ritual killings and Yahoo. With blood freezing lyrics like “If money no enter I go do blood money”, Logo Benz started receiving negative reviews from many. What do we expect from someone whose nickname is “Yahoo Boy No Laptop”!

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