Beauty DIY: Nail Colours That Pop On Dark Skin

When it comes to nail colours that pop on dark skin, it is very picky and tricky because not everyone actually knows the right shade to apply.

But for the dark skin toned ladies in the building, worry not, because we have you covered when it comes to the right nail colour. For the light-skinned ladies, they rarely worry about colours to use because most colours suit them, for those that are dark-skinned, a little more care and thought needs to be applied. So here are nail colours that pop on dark skin;
Cobalt Blue
Bold, bright colours look amazing on dark skin tones, whether we’re talking makeup, clothes, or nails. For a beautiful manicure, consider giving cobalt blue nails a try.
We love a beautiful look that’s full of contrast, and manicures are no exception. One favourite nail colour for dark skin is cream. Unlike your fair-skinned friends, a light cream nail polish won’t wash out your skin tone. Rather, it’ll emphasize the deep, rich tones of your complexion. Plus, this neutral manicure option will match any outfit.
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Baby Pink
just as the name implies, baby pink makes a woman look feminine and cute at the same time. Now having that shade of pink on your hands and feet while being dark-skinned, is definitely beautiful.
Mint Or Aquamarine
Mint or Aquamarine is a cool attention-grabbing colour. This shade contrasts well against dark skin and stands out for sure.
You can never go wrong with white be it in clothes or nails. No matter the design, white always looks good and is one of the nail colours that pop on dark skin.

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With brown being so close a colour for brown people or deeply tan and olive complexioned people, it makes sense that this hue complements well with their skin.
As bright as this colour is, so the cuteness it brings when ladies who are dark-skinned have it on. Yellow is one of the cute nail colours that pop on dark skin.
This is a colour that not many are familiar with as a result not everyone tries it, but it is sure gorgeous on the nails of dark ladies and you should really try it soonest.
O course, you can never go wrong with red, no matter the tone of your skin. Red is one of the nail colours that pop on dark skin and brings out the boldness in you.
nail colours that pop on dark skin Orange
As loud as this colour might seem, it always comes out perfect when dark-skinned ladies rock it on other nails.

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