“Na Aso Rock My Spec Dey”, Omohtee Brags

Popular Twitter user Omohtee who is known for her botched surgery barely a month ago has revealed what her spec of men are and where they are found.
Omohtee had undergone a hips reduction surgery in the facility owned by one Dr Anu Fella about 4 months ago only for her to be botched, having serious waist pain and numbness."Na Aso Rock My Spec Dey", Omohtee Brags
This led her to take to Twitter to preach self-love and the acceptance of one’s body, urging women to avoid Med Contour if they are knee bent on having a surgery. She is however, back to her controversial tweets, speaking of the types of men she dates.
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She advised her fellow female to stop doing small boys and when she got lashed for her tweet, she shared another, which she has taken down now, noting that her spec of men are not on the Twitter timeline but in Aso Rock.
I know some of you will remind me how I almost died from plastic surgery even tho it cost me millions that some of you want but please stop dating small small boys. Thanks“, she first wrote and after lashings, she wrote, My relationship no fit read TL because my spec no dey TL, them dey also rock."Na Aso Rock My Spec Dey", Omohtee Brags

"Na Aso Rock My Spec Dey", Omohtee BragsPhotos Credit: Twitter

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