Again!! UFC Star Kamaru Usman Challenges Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Kamaru Usman KOKO TV Nigeria
Just few days off his last UFC welterweight defending title fight, Nigerian-American mix martial artist Kamaru Usman has challenged Conor McGregor to a fight.

Kamaru Usman KamaruIt has become common game for the two to challenge each other to a duel, the reality of which is yet to be seen.

Recall that over the weekend, Kamaru had won against Jorge Masvidal, a fight which has now earned him a suspension due to a broken nose.

The UFC welterweight champion says that McGregor is scared and avoiding a fight with him.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Kamaru Usman said, “I’ve offered him a shot! I said, ‘Hey if you want it, it’s yours, you got it,’ and he was silent.

If Conor wants to put my name in his mouth, then come get some.Conor McGregor Kamaru Usman KOKO TV Nigeria 2Read more: Kamaru Usman Suspended By UFC For 6 Months

“[A Conor fight is] just a lost cause because we both know Conor.

“The only time Conor gets up to the Welterweight division is if he’s able to pick and choose lightweights with double-digit losses that he can pick off and not have to cut weight to get down to lightweight.

“If Conor wants a piece at welterweight, he knows who the king of the division is. I’m not going anywhere! I’m right here.”Conor McGregorPhoto Credit: Getty

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