Rising Star: Mz Nyra Is The Geologist Turned Video Vixen Heating Up The Music Industry

Alamutu Abiola, aka Mz Nyra started modelling a few years ago before going fully professional in 2013 and has since worked with several multi-national and indigenous brands. Mz Nyra

Vixens are supposed to be female foxes – bad-tempered female foxes. But Mz Nyra is definitely vixen but without the bad temper, rather she’s the vixen with a sauce, she brings too much pepper sauce to the viewing of her audience that’s always got them stuck on watching her drive them to the edge and makes a living from it who wouldn’t want such a life of glamour and ecstasy.

Video vixen/model, Nyra shows off her sexy body in beautiful pieces in some of your fav celebrity music videos that help serenade your mind and helps you connect better with those songs. Nyra has a banging tempting body and she isn’t shy to flaunt her bare melanin skin but always does it with a statement, studded always with enough details showing whenever she flaunts her amazing shape.

Mz Nyra has worked as video vixen with Nigerian A-List music video directors including Clarence PetersUnlimited L.AAdasa CookeyMexPaul GambitPatrick Ellis and more. Check out more photo of fiery vixen below; Photo Credit: Getty

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