Mysterious Coffin Refuses To Enter The Church For Burial In Zambia

A mysterious coffin containing the corpse of a 47year old Lilian Kanunga refused to enter the church for the traditional practises and burial service.
The incidence occurred yesterday in the Chilombo area of Kaoma District in Mangango constituency, which is 3Km across Luena River on the Kaoma-Kasempa Trunk Road. According to the people of Kaonde in Zambia, the practice is known as ‘kikondo’, and it is essential that the practice should be done for every corpse in the village.

According to eye witnesses, the scene started when the body arrived at the local New Apostolic Church for service in the morning. They said the coffin refused the Kikondo traditional practice. The coffin refused to be taken into the church building upon being removed from the canter, instead it led its bearers to a house, forcefully went through the window breaking glass panes and lodged inside the house.
As the drama became intense, the police was called. The police had to fire tear gas canisters upon meeting the villagers that were at rage over the mysterious incidence. Kaoma District Commissioner, Kennedy Liale Mubanga, stated that it was only the 5ZR Army Barrack Soldiers that were able to retrieve the coffin and a forced burial was ordered by the DC later in the day.

Photo credit: Getty

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