Wizkid Has Sold His Soul To The Devil… My Pastor Told Us So – Teenager

Wizkid and teenager Jossy Thegod
A Nigerian teenager has said singer Wizkid has sold his soul to the devil and everyone who has been listening to his songs has devil in control of his or her life.
The young man who goes by the username Jossy Thegod said  this in a Facebook post, stating that his Pastor had talked about the singer to the congregation in a Sunday service.WizkidAccording to him, his Pastor said he saw a vision where the starboy is one of the top demons in hell. Making further inquiry from a man, the young man said he was told that the singer had sold his soul to the devil and his fanbase’ name is an abbreviation for devil followers. He added that he was told that his nickname Machala is also a Greek word which means demon.
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“Wizkid has sold his soul to the dèvil My pastor told us in church on Sunday that he had a vision and he saw that Wizkid is one of the top dèmons in hèll And I asked one man if Wizkid has really sold his soul to the dèvil the man said yes. He said 1) His fan base name “Wizkid FC”, that FC is like an abbreviation of two ancient Latin words which are “Fæxeh Chæïn” it means Deviíl followers 2) His Nickname “MACHALA” it’s a Greek word which means “DÈMON” If you have been listening to Wizkid songs the Dèvil is currently in control of your life”, he wrote.
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