My Ordeals At The Hands Of Hackers – Hodo Ebun

Ebun Hodo
Nollywood actress and fashion designer, Hodo Ebun has revealed that she seriously detest men who are intimated by self-made successful women. She disclosed that if a man truly loves her and wants her then must be ready to support her in everything she does. Hodo Ebun

The movie star who recently launched her clothing line, Hodees, said she aims at becoming an independent woman as she would never stoop low to beg.
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Hodo Ebun said, “I really don’t get why some men will be intimidated by self-made women. I detest begging. That’s why I work so hard so I won’t be in a situation where I will have to beg a man. How will you see a hard-working lady instead of supporting and encouraging her, you’re feeling intimidated already? You must be a witch then. I believe that the man God created for me will love and support everything I do.”

On some of the recent challenges she has been facing since the launch of her fashion brand, Hodo Ebun says,

”A whole lot. I have been working tirelessly, even though the devil has been trying so hard to frustrate my efforts. Two days after the launch of my clothing line, my main I.G account got hacked. I got it back that same day. However, the following day being March 19, they tried to hack it again while trying to get back the account from the hackers; Instagram disabled me totally. I have not been online for some days now. Hopefully, when my account is back, I will unveil some things I have been working on lately. I cut, sew and design each print; I make all by myself at Hodees clothing line.”

Wondering why Ms. Hodo Ebun ventured into the fiercely competitive Nigerian fashion business despite her love for role interpretation;
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she said, “At first it was for the love of fashion, I love fashion a lot, anybody that knows me can tell I’m a lover of fashion, so I figured it out and decided to go learn it since movie jobs don’t come often so I can have where to fall back on. My outfits are very affordable. It depends on what the client wants.”

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