My Mum Supported My Acting Career, Despite My Father’s Objection – Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke, the Nigerian filmmaker, says his mother’s belief in him shaped him into the man he is today.

jim iyke

The movie star spoke about his introverted childhood and the support he got from his late mum when he was featured on the a podcast.

The 46-year-old actor said when he told his parents that he wanted to become an actor — as a teenager — his father was against it, arguing that he “was excruciatingly shy”.

Iyke said his mother, however, believed in him, adding that her support helped him become “a great actor”.

The actor said he is trying to pass the kind of friendship he shared with his mother to his children.

“I had a really unique mum. We were not that close in the beginning. She was the disciplinarian, my dad was the cool parent,” he said.

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“But as I got older and she found out that I had a certain forge and notion as to how I wanted to live my life. Like if I’m fixated on a goal, there is nothing anyone can tell me until I achieve it.

“She tried to change her parenting process into really being my friend. She wanted to know my interests, wanted to know my person and the kind of man I was budding into from boyhood to manhood.

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“So we developed a really special relationship even up until when I started making money, we fast became business partners as well.

jim iyke

“She has passed now. My mum passed about eight years ago. And the vacuum that was left was probably something that was insurmountable. I have not been able to fill that almost throughout my life so far.

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“So I think that was what shaped me. I was a straight-A student and Igbo parents decide your life before you are born. I was about 18 and a half when I finished my first degree. The idea was to get my MBA.

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