‘My Eardrum Didn’t Get Busted’ – Deontay Wilder On Ear Injury During Tyson Fury Fight

Deontay Wilder insists he did not suffer an injury to his eardrum during his loss to Tyson Fury and downplayed the severity of the cut to his left ear.

Fury won the WBC heavyweight title by stopping Wilder in the seventh round of their highly anticipated rematch in Las Vegas on Saturday evening. Wilder was being dominated throughout the fight and was even warned by referee Kenny Bayless that the contest would be stopped early before the Bonze Bomber’s co-trainer, Mark Breland, threw in the towel.

One major concern during the fight was the amount of blood that could be seen around Wilder’s left ear, but the 34-year-old insists he was not affected during the first defeat of his professional career.

‘I have no idea how that occurred,’ Wilder said. ‘And it was in a weird position in my ear as well. That’s why they couldn’t really get to it. But I don’t know how that happened. It didn’t affect me at all. When you’re in there and you’re fighting, and you’re a warrior, man, I can only speak from myself, I don’t worry about certain things.

‘My adrenaline is very high in there. I knew it was bleeding, but I don’t think it was affecting me. It didn’t affect me like the rabbit punches and stuff like that. Getting hit on the back of the head and the neck, that affected me more than anything. My eardrum didn’t get busted. Usually, when your eardrum gets busted, you know, it affects certain things. It was just some type of scratch or opening inside of my ear. That was about it.’
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