My Boyfriend Of 8 Years Moved On After I Rejected His Proposal- Lady Laments

A lady shared her reasons for declining her mans marriage proposal after dating for 8 Years.

The lady said her reasons were his lack of a steady income, and ongoing educational pursuits as major factors influencing her decision

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The couple, who had been dating for eight years and already shared a child together, had seemingly built a strong and faithful relationship, but the woman’s concerns for their financial future ultimately played a significant role in her response.

The lady expressed deep regret and sorrow over the aftermath of her decision.

She disclosed that her partner had moved on, leaving her with profound emotional pain. She had initially believed that she had effectively communicated her reasons to him, but it appears that there was a lack of mutual understanding.

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According to the babe, her reason for declining was her partner’s status as the primary breadwinner. With his ongoing plans to attend university for a period of five to six years, she worried about the potential lack of income during this period. Having a child together and considering the welfare of their current and potential future offspring, she felt it was essential to wait until they had a more stable financial foundation before embarking on marriage.Lady

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