My Biggest Disappointment As An Actor Was Missing Out On A Role In King Of Boys – Jerry Mudiaga

Nollywood actor and fast-rising fashion designer Jerry Mudiaga on Friday, September 2, was in an interview with KOKO TV’s Oke-Hortons Laurence on KOKO Chill Time With Celebrities where he revealed for the very first time more about himself and life before and after his time on the Ultimate Love show. Jerry Mudiaga

The actor revealed that before he got into the Ultimate Love house, he had tried for Big Brother Africa 3 times and didn’t get picked and that he and his friend now very popular Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujeku once auditioned for the Big Brother Africa show and didn’t get picked.

Jerry Mudiaga was fun, lively and willing to let us into knowing more about him and his trade.

Who are you, Mr Jerry? I am Jerry Mudiaga, I am an actor, fashion designer and a businessman from Delta State, I was born in the UK. I currently live in Lagos at the moment.

So, Jerry, You were on the Ultimate Love Reality TV Show, what was the experience like? The experience was a lovely one, It was an experience I learnt from. I got to learn more about myself, hmmm also having the leverage of the platform. I was a huge pleasure to be the pioneers of the first set of the “Love Guest” experience. It was an honour and a privilege. The platform gave me the opportunity to network, it has helped propel my career and my business.

During the Ultimate Love Show, you were paired with another Love Guest Sylvia, what happened why didn’t it work out? Just like I say in the normal outside world it’s a normal thing, a guy meets a girl you get to know each other and somehow along the way you find out ok, i’m not into this person in that kind of way. It’s not every girl a guy meets that something eventually must come out of it outside of dating or even being friends. There’s a difference between dating and being in a relationship.

So how did your journey into acting start? My journey into acting started in 2010 or rather 2009. I picked interest to want to go into acting after watching Tinsel, I watched it an said to myself I can do this. Funny enough I never looked at it as something I wanted to dive into when I was much younger. So 2010, I filled the form for an audition and I was invited to Lagos because then I was staying Benin. And that was how the journey started for me, auditions auditions and more auditions and I started climbing the ladder though it wasn’t easy. I wasn’t easy and it still isn’t easy because the market is saturated with gifted actors, talented actors, popular actors.

Its been a real hustle to get more know, connection because there are more actors than jobs. Nollywood is now more of a business than even the craft. So yes while I am still doing my acting, I also run my fashion business and other businesses that comes my way.

So I know you’re a fashion designer, do you design and style any celebrity at the moment or you just style yourself? Its a label, and I am still growing it. While for styling a celebrity that’s huge. If the opportunity comes my way I will get into it. Most of the people want to be associated with known names. I know a couple of my colleagues I could style, but if I want to style them I would only style them for regular wears, like say they just want to go out, nothing like red carpets yet.
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So is it just men’s wear or you do both Men and Women’s wear? I do both, I do both men and female wears but the female wears I only do the Kaftans. I don’t do the Ankara, Aso Ebi or peplum or skirts. I started doing at first but I had to pull out it was complex than I thought.

What were you into before you joined the movie industry in 2010? I worked different 9-5 jobs, I was a PA to a former Governor of Ekiti State, a military governor for like a year and a half, Lt. Colonel Ernest Adeleye. I also worked with Globacom as a contract staff for barely 2-years.

What has been your biggest achievement since you joined the movie industry?  My biggest achievement in the movie industry is getting to the height I am right now in the industry because there was a time when I used to look out for auditions, having to join multiple groups having to run from Surulere to Ogba for auditions, sometimes V.I, Lekki jumping buses trying to attend 3 to 4 auditions in a day. 2016 was when my big change came there was a turn around at that point after I did the Hush  Africa Magic telenovela. After I was done with that show things started to change for me I started getting private readings, I started getting scripts and that is a big deal anybody as an actor, where producers, directors contact you or calls you and says I have a script for you and you get to decide I want to do this or not.

Having my fashion line has also been an achievement for me, it’s not been easy, but like I said Ultimate love gave me more fan base than I had before, and my name is more known and people trust me better.

Why Ultimate Love and Not BBNaija? Ohh {Smiles}, for that one I did attempt to get into the Big Brother Africa house three times.  The first time I went alone I didn’t make it past the first stage. The second time i went there with a friend of mine who is an actor too, Blossom Chukwujeku. Then they were pairing people a guy and a lady but we didn’t make it past the second stage. Then the third time I made it to the finals. And I was certain I was going into the house, but unfortunately for me, they wanted someone like Tayo {Akintayo John Faniran} that was controversial. And after that I just made up my mind I am not going for any auditions I was done!

Though after that when the BBNaija started I reconsidered. The Pepper Dem Gang season 3 I went for the auditions but the crowd was mad! back and front the crowd was crazy so I just left. But I am still open to Big Brother I mean come on its a beautiful and amazing opportunity for a person to push and project his craft his passion his business whatever he/she is into.

So far what has been your biggest disappointment so far? My biggest disappointment so far, are of two projects I wanted to be part of but couldn’t get them. Even after going all the way for the readings and everything and i was optimistic about it. The first was the Castle & Castle series with Ebonylife TV, the second was Ajoche 2017. Sorry, they were three the biggest of them all was “King of Boys” by Kemi Adetiba. I auditioned for the Hausa Detective but like I said earlier Nollywood is more about the business than the craft and they were looking at the Northern market and how to capture it so they needed someone from there to play the role.

So I see you’re a huge Mercy Eke Fan, Are you in a relationship? Yes, I am…

Which Directors in Nollywood would you love to work with? I would love to work with Kemi Adetiba, also Mr Akin Omotosho, also another person i would love to work with Is Isioma Osaje. And yeah I would absolutely love to work with Ramsey Nouah.

Which actors inspired you to go into acting, your biggest influencesRamsey Nouah was one of the actors I looked up to, his roles in movies like “Silent Nights”, “Dangerous Twins“. Ramsey Nouah was one actor I looked up to, I used to compare him with Leonardo Di Caprio, another actor I looked up too is the Ghana actor Michel Micheal. I did see myself learn from him too over the years.

What is the biggest problem facing the Nigerian movie industry? The biggest problem has got to be funding if the funds are available and whoever handles the funds does his job properly without being bias or greedy. Then things will run smoothly. People compromise a lot due to funding. Funding is number.

How do you think that can be improved or worked on? Private Investors and sponsors need to come into the industry more, the government need to support more too.

So final questions, which female actresses would you love to work with and fancy the most? Hmm, I would say Ini-Dima Okojie, Damilola Adegbite and Osas Ighodaro.

What’s your long term plan? Do you intend to go into Directing and producing? Yes, I would love to! I would love to be behind the camera too and watch things play out, bringing my imaginations into reality.

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