My 1st Love Broke Me, He’s At Fault For Me Being Ruthless To Men – Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada
Beautician and former reality TV star, Ifu Ennada finally opens up as she comes to the realization that not all men are bad but rather it was her bad choice to date a man who cheated on her and got married on the very same day they were supposed to meet and have the time of their lives. Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada who is quite popular for being hugely critical of men, the reality TV star who is popular of always pushing the narrative of being a strong independent woman, acknowledges that her first bad choice broke her so bad that she became ruthless and brutal to other good guys she met on her way to recovery.

She noted that this happened a couple of years ago and that she’s been carrying that pain around since, but now that she’s come to a realisation that it was her first that broke her and not all men folks she will stop writing unpleasant things about the masculine folks.Ifu Ennada

Though Ifu Ennada did still noted that even though she’s writing this now it doesn’t mean she now wants or is ready to have a man now.

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