Muslimah Style: Zainab Ibrahim Embodies Hijab Fashion In Modern Times

Nigerian born Zainab Ibrahim is an interesting and stylish young muslim lady with a well put together modest fashion prowess. She is a 23-year-old graduate of History and International Studies from Kogi State University. Zainab is a muslimah that has made it a habit to always be comfortable in what she wears.

She believes revealing a lot to people isn’t what a lady is meant to do; this explains why she tries her best at all times to dress in a modest but fashionable way to inspire others who think they can’t be sexy in a modest way.

Photo Credit: Zainab Ibrahim


  1. Time is much more advance from last 20 years. With regards to clothing it seems like it has already revolutionized to 2030. These clothing styles seem like the most moderated to the modern times. I am looking forward to suggest these to my customers.

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