Music Review: Zinoleesky Is A Promising Street King In Latest EP ‘Chrome’

Marlian Music signed musician, Zinoleesky has dropped his first EP for his eager and expectant fans. The EP which he titled Chrome gives us a taste of his ever melodic voice and afrocentric touch.
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Zinoleesky’s EP first, Chrome which was released in December, 2020 is a six track list body of work. On this project it’s all about the young promising artiste and his views as he has no features.

Now unto the matter, songs like Ma Pariwo and Kilofeshe, hit singles which stole the hearts of song lovers both home and abroad are on this EP. His style which leans towards the street vibe, synchronises with Nigerian musicians like Naira Marley, Oritsha Femi, Zlatan to mention a few. Probably we can say his style of music influenced his choice of signing under Naira Marley’s record rather than DMW.

Listening to Ma Pariwo and Kilofeshe on this project just reemphasises the reasons why they became hit singles to start with. The beat and instrumentation of both songs make them stand out. The best part about them is the use of his native language Yoruba in the lyrical content and also the beats. The spice they add is awesome.ZinoleeskyThe song Bullet gives us insights into his struggles and attempts to woo a lady, promising to do her no wrong. he says,

Put a bullet in my head
If I do you wrong
I promise
You won’t have to wait for too long
Put a bullet in my hea’-head
If I do you wrong, baby no
Promise you won’t wait for too long

In this particular song, we see his attempt to sound western in terms of the tune. If we remove the lyrics and have just the beat, it can pass as a foreign tune. But as usual Zinoleesky’s use of Yoruba always remind us of the street feel he brings all the time.

Looking at Angeli, we get to understand his background. Though it sounds like the usual story of people who didn’t come from a rich background, like they say from ‘the ghetto’. But he doesn’t dwell on the poverty he came from instead focuses on showing gratitude to the few that waited and promises to do better. We hear him say;

Only a few waited oh-oh, only a few waited
To-To the few that wait, I’m grateful
Olohun ma sh’alekun
And I won’t let you down, I won’t let you down, no

The young singer who drops street vibes all he time tells us from top to bottom his story in recurrent beat. We hear the recurrent dingy sound which gives this track a different sound. The use of the guitar here just seals the deal. Though might not be a song that is so great but we feel his hard work and his efforts.

Zinoleesky goes further to give us a general overview of his new found fame and how he is hot in demand now in Won Wa Mi. He sings, So am I the one now, one now?, Americana wonder, say, Won wa mi oh. Like he says so I am the one now, he sure will be the one now if he continues to make hit singles. This track has a smooth feel to it where you can just move your hands and head to the beat while feeling the lyrics within.

We get a sound similar to Ma Pariwo in Nitori E. Though the focus of this song is on the ladies and how they are scattering his head. The organisation and delivery is similar to that in Ma Pariwo. ZinoleeskyFinal Thoughts

Zinoleesky is a promising and fantastic afro singer who is indeed here to stay for long time. One of the problems of Nigerian musicians who sing street songs have always been consistency. This is the reason why we no longer hear some big names again. But Chrome seems like a very good start for Zinoleesky. As long as he keeps on upping his game like this he has a long time to be in our ears. Also the fact that he is with kings of the street such as Naira Marley and others, there is hope for the young musician.

Chrome is a body of work that gives us insight into a young musicians’s view on love, God and life. It’s a stepping stone that the next EP he drops has to top and be better. But this earns a thumbs up and pat on the back for him.Zinoleesky ChromePhoto Credit: Getty

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