Music Review: Wurld’s AfroSoul EP Is A Beautiful Work Of Experimentation

In reviewing Wurld’s latest project, I’ll say this story. In my final year during my undergraduate studies, I took a course titled ‘Critical Review and Writing’. The lecturer was quite efficient, meticulous and diligent in his duties. We had to read articles, essays, books and review them. One thing the lecturer was quite peculiar about was objectivity. Even now I can hear his small voice richocheting in the lecture hall.

WurldHe would say “The beauty of every review is the objectivity of it. The sheer honesty.” Since then, I have been quite peculiar about being as objective in my writing as much as possible.

In being objective in this article, I’ll put out a confession that I think is germane to penning down an honest review. Or maybe two confessions. One, I think Wurld makes music for women. Not that it is bad or an aberration, it is just what it is. Women make the bulk of his fan base. His voice, lyrics and artistry just seems to sit well with the female gender and attract them. I am only saying this to put off any prejudice I might have in writing this review.

Two, I am not a big fan of the genre, Afro Soul. This is not denying that there are beautiful Afro Soul artistes like Aramide, Aduke, April Maey. I listen to them because I listen to a lot of music, but I am not a big fan of the genre. And you can see, that women dominate this genre.

Anyways, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this article. Wurld is no stranger to the music industry, neither is he a newbie to releasing albums, as this would make his third project in three years.

In his recent work, AfroSoul which is in itself an experimental project, Wurld is testing the water with this EP. He wants to see how well he can fit into this genre and it goes without saying that he has done quite beautifully on this album.
In the opening track, National Anthem/Growing Wings, Wurld brings that ‘sangoloso’ phrase that would make Makeba joyous. His delivery is quite succinct. His voice blends beautifully with the Instrumental. The song which has a Calypso ring to it talks about how there are folks who want to hinder him from making progress. It is a beautiful way to start an album.

In Ghost Town, which subtly has that reggae feel, Wurld does the magic that his voice his known for. He weaves easily through this song, enjoying himself and obviously having fun.

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Love Nobody has that banging vibe, and if you love electronic music, then this is your tune. He sings about a jealous, over protective lover, who doesn’t want his eyes roving elsewhere, or his heart singing melodies to another. The song will be great for lovers dance. It would bring clicking of hills and stamping of feet in the fervor of the song.For someone who is experimenting,Story has a beautiful lamba feel. It is essentially a love song that in my opinion would be better with Amaarae. It has her kind of flow etched all over it.

There is no gainsaying that Kel P doesn’t disappoint, and he brings his brilliant craftsmanship to the Afrobeat Wayo song. Again, Wurld has an easy time on this song. He does the magic with his voice, and his enviable song writing skills.

If you think I lied when I said Wurld makes song for women, you should listen to Can’t Come Outside. This Afrobeats song laced with a RnB melody which is about a difficult relationship proves just that.

The last track Birthday song/Palm Wine Riddim is aptly titled. If you’ve visited palm wine joints in Nigeria, this is often the kind of melody you’ll hear blaring from the speakers. This Afrobeats mixed with Calypso has a beautiful traditional feel. It takes one back to the days of Orlando Julius.

Summarily, it goes without saying that Wurld has proven himself in this project, that he is quite adroit and adept at taking something new and owning it. He surfs through the ocean of this genre easily. He brings his A game to this project and with this commitment, it is only a matter of time before he makes it to the top table of music makers in Nigeria.

I rate it a 7/10.Wurld Afrosoul EPPhoto Credit: Instagram

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