Music Review: Terri’s Afroseries Is A Show Of Evolvement

It is no longer news that Wizkid perhaps has the most supportive fan base as far as music is concerned. His fans and supporters, loyalists and comrades belong to the umbrella, Wizkid FC and they will support and push whatever the Starboy touches, which is why Terri’s Afroseries EP had a good run and was already trending on Twitter few hours after its release.

TerriTo say, Terri had not been releasing songs or had taken an hiatus from the music industry will be a blatant lie. He had been releasing good songs that somehow never made it big in the mainstream media. Arguably, for a good number of us, Terri became a force to reckon with after his feature and verse on Wizkid’s Soco.

At that point people began to ask, who was this young man? He was signed to the Starboy Records but then, what did he have to offer? The young man had not been sleeping. He was pushing his craft. He was on Kana for MixNaija Entertainment, on Talo Lomo with GoodGirl LA, Non Stop and His, his own releases, on Psycho YP’s No Chaser and other songs scattered here and there.

And now, Terri has finally decided to give his fans a project that in my opinion is long due and should have been out sooner and earlier than now.

The EP opens with Wake Up. The song sounds like a younger version of Wizkid. It is an Afrobeats song with a scintillating play of the saxophone and the drums that accompany it. In the song, Terri is grateful to the Almighty from where he has come, where he is and where he is going. He sings “Man must to thank God for the favour”.

It is a powerful opener for an EP that titles itself Afroseries. It lets you know that you’re in for a great ride.

My Chest is a love song with a great deal of beautiful guitars stringing in the background. The subject of love is not  novel to music artistes, although sometimes there is either the dearth of it or the over-flogging of the emotion. This song however, just sits well between the two.

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The subject of love and women continues heavily through the project and it is evident in Balance. The saxophone playing in this track is just magical and just as Terri is known to do, he just finds a perfect spot to swing on this beautiful beat. It is that kind of song that you can just vibe and dance to.

Terri doesn’t stop talking about his love for his woman. It continues on Ojoro. I like the afrobeat vibe of the song, and the way Terri weaves around it.

While the singer is obviously not a huge fan of great lyrics, he does quite well on this song. Ojoro is a Yoruba word meaning foul play.

While the songwriting and the singer’s delivery can be envied, the rest of the Doo track is poor. The instrumental seems scattered and all over the place. It seems like too much work for the singer who is forcing himself to deliver.

Ode is an afrobeats track and it has a great vibe. It taps heavily into Fela’s musical aesthetic. The song is reminiscent of women shaking bums and dancing wildly to Fela’s music.

Kill man which is the last song on the album is quite unenjoyable.

Consequently, while the EP enjoyed massive publicity, it does not do justice to the wait, and while, it will definitely have it’s audience, this writer is not one of them.Terri didn’t put his best on this project. It is a weak debut. He sounds too much like Wizkid; the production doesn’t bang for an Afrobeats EP, his songwriting skills also need to be sharpened and he needs to bring a much better energy to the table.

I rate it a 6/10.TerriPhoto Credit: Instagram

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