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Music Review: Teni’s Wondaland Is A Magical & Sensational Journey That Everyone Should Embark On… No Cap!

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Sensational Afro-pop singer Teniola Apata popularly known as Teni has finally dropped her first full studio album titled, Wondaland. This follows her EP titled Billionaire that housed 5 songs. Now Teni The Entertainer drops this 17-track body of wonders giving us a glimpse of fun and laughter which is actually good for the soul. Having just one feature on the entire album, Wondaland can be said to be a true representation of her fantastic personality.teniThe opening track, Maja which in Yoruba means I will break it a ballad on how a female musician wants to make it in the music industry today. She expresses her strong desire and zeal to break open doors and limits placed on her path to greatness. A very short but deep ballad that Teni drops on this body of work.
For You which is the only track on this body of work that she features someone, the DMW boss, OBO Davido is fire. There is such a seamless blend on this track as the playful personalities of these two great entertainers are a fantastic match. Prior to the release of this track, one would often wonder what a collaboration between these two would be; listening to For You is an answer to that question, it is amazing. Very unique beat and pace, we definitely await more collabos.
Tracks like Moslado,100 Meters, and FBI are all groovy and well-paced. You know one funny thing about Teni is how she effortlessly sings, like how she with easy delivers her lines. Creating a realm of coolness and fun that all you need to do is just nod your head to her sonorous beats. Her constant use of Yoruba in her lyrical content is fantastic. Makanaki is one singer that the Yoruba language sounds so sonorous in her mouth, I must mention that. The plus-size singer is surely gifted as she drops hot beats on tracks like Game Over, On, Okocha, and Toxic, her lines are very relatable and easy to catch and sing along to.
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We see Teni Makanaki on a sexual journey and she is a babe and more. She is on a musical journey but her path is very different from other musicians as she has this distinct uniqueness about her. Another track similar to the message of Maja is Hustle, they both lay emphasis on trials and challenges of a female artiste and the realities of life in the music industry.
A must mention is her beat and instrumentation. They are fantastic. Insight into some of the deepest challenges of the entertainer is brought to light on this body of work and it is indeed a Wondaland. One fun thing about Teni is the themes she employed on this album, as they are very different from the stereotype albums been released so far.
Teni infuses her signature tune which she used on her hit single Billionaire and Power Rangers, on the track Injure Me. Once you hear the guitar in the intro you can’t help but know that it is Teni the Entertainer, she doesn’t even need to say her name.
Having a signature as a musician is a very rare unique feat that lots of artists struggle to get. Nigerian artists who have signature tunes and lines are those that have established the path they want to follow and we see that growth in each of their songs. Teni is one of those musicians, No cap.

From the traditional drums to the afro instruments, to highlife beats they all come into play on this body of work.
When she goes slow and takes us on a journey of deep Yoruba wisdom manifested in lyrics and beats on tracks like Were, we are left mesmerized. This is definitely hit single material. We sense another Uyo Meyo on this track, Teni is talented. Just the same way Uyo Meyo is said to be a unique song that is about life and not giving up, Were give us an update of how far she has come and the testimony her life has become. The flute, deep beats are amazingly soothing.
Taking her time to focus on dropping wonders on this body-on-work is a very commendable act on her path because most artists just run into the studio and drop albums because everyone is dropping albums.
Teni is a whole mood on her own and she reinforces this on her outstanding track Wonda Why, come on, when we want to mention a song that is magic, this is the exact track to mention. From the lyrics to the fantastic beats, to the great synchronization, to the tonal and vocal quality, it definitely gets all five stars, I must say.
A track like Jo, blows the roof off and transports you to another realm of jollification. Most people sing about their mothers but Teni takes her time and effort to sing about her Dad on Dad’s Song. We get insights into her relationship with her dad. This is one song that sets your emotion in motion and it will surely remain evergreen.
She is doing wonders and indeed we are baffled at how good she is. Her life on an album has to definitely be an awesome and groundbreaking album. The way she makes use of the normal instruments artiste use in a very unique way is fantastic.
The moment we hear the track XXXL, and the lines welcome to my triple-X life, Makanaki is always happy, it saves all our questions on how she sees herself. She is proud and bold of how and who she is. Life couldn’t get any better.
Starting this fantastic body of work with a ballad, the singer closes it with another ballad Black.
This time from opening with wanting to break every wall on her path, she has finally broken those walls and is now different and proud of that on the track Black.
Final Thought
Teni’s Wondaland is an insight into the journey of life, challenges, and triumphs of the singer. Just like DJ Cuppy tweeted that Wondaland is the best album of 2021, we definitely agree that it is one of the best albums to be released so far in 2021.
Magical, sensible, deep, and Perfect are the words that should be used to describe this album any day, any time. Can an album be any better?
This album possesses the same traits Burna Boy’s TAT had because the two albums come from a place of deep consciousness and life experiences of both artists. Wondaland will surely do well from the first to the last track. No cap about that. The album is indeed a wonderland where we are taken on a journey of deep insights and fun in the same vein.
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