Music Review: Oxlade Comes Fully Made In Oxygene EP

Oxlade is definitely no stranger to the music scene. With two previous EPs in the bag and beautiful collaborations with other artistes, Oxlade drops another EP titled Oxygene which in itself is set to top the playlist of his fans.

Speaking about music and his passion for the art, his decision to title the album Oxygene and present it to his fans, the Shuga singer said “Music is the air that I breathe, which is why I’ve named the EP ‘Oxygene’. With the play on words with Oxy’ being my nickname and the biological ‘gene’, I’m letting out a part of myself to the world which contains love, consciousness and pain.”

First off, I personally think that it is about time Oxlade releases an album in the place of an Extended Playlist, having released two EPs in the past. If he is testing the waters to see how his album fares, then two EPs are enough to release a full album.
In this recent album, Oxlade comes out full, like a flower that has finally attained its bloom. His voice is as always, a delight to listen to. The 6 track EP is indeed a worthy offering.

In Kokose, he brings that Afropop groove to the table and it is hot. There’s no way you won’t be tempted to move your body. The line “Show me your kokose” will no doubt remind you of the 2014 Kokose song by Sound Sultan and Wizkid.
Oxlade shows that his beautiful voice can be utilized for more than singing about love and the beauty of a woman. The song is that vibe for the party.
In the track, Oxygen finally comes naked and bare for his lover. He sings about the incompleteness of his life without her. The engineering of the song compliments his voice and makes the song come out beautifully.

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In Away, Oxlade does something spectacular. The Afropop song is definitely going to receive massive airplay. The drum pattern already makes you want to move your feet. Add the piano and the guitar and there is no way you are not bobbing your head. When Oxlade’s voice come on, you already know this is a made track.

In Hold On, Oxlade tells his fans that when it comes to songwriting, he never disappoints. His ‘obsession’ with love which should be frustrating actually makes the song more beautiful. Perhaps, a feature with Joeboy might give this song everything.
When Tables Turn came up, I thought it was Reekado Banks at first. Oxlade sounds too similar to him on this track, which I fear might be problematic for the young artiste. Although, as the song goes on you realize that it is Oxlade but that initial resemblance can be frightening. A beautiful track.

Weakness after Kokose is my favorite track. I particularly like the story the singer is trying to paint and the production by Lush is magical. It seems like an effortless track.
In conclusion, Oxlade shows that he has come of age in this project and Nigerians should get ready for him and his music. He is ready to serenade his fans with good music and we can only sit and watch where he goes from here. I rate the album a 7/10.

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