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Music Review: Mayorkun’s ‘Back In Office’ Is A Step Up The Music Ladder For This Rising Star

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Nigerian singer, Mayorkun has released his second album, titled Back In Office and it has been received with an amazing welcome.

The album features acts like Gyakie, Victony, DJ Maphorisa, Flavour, and Joeboy. Mayorkun as an artist has indeed grown, and looking at how far he has come, he has done well. So let’s dig in. This body of work opens with the track Soldier Boy and its opening beat is just epic, as it is not the normal beat that one can relate to the Of Lay Lay singer. Here he encourages himself to have his head up, and always know that he will be okay, no matter what happens. It is the typical power-up track that one to get back on his/her feet. The track from which the album gets its title Back In Office is typical dancehall material, hands down, the beat and instrumental is just beautiful, he definitely had good producers on this entire body of work. The Of Lay Lay we know is who we hear on this track. He raises the bar as he never fails to make us nod our heads, and do the Of Lay Lay dance with our hands. Mayorkun reveals how God is the one doing it for him, and he wouldn’t take for granted that opportunity. He also makes it known that just as he dropped numerous hit singles and features, he is back in the office to do more justice and top charts, and we say yes, yes and yes.
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Moving on to Freedom, the use of the trumpet here helps create that serene atmosphere that one needs to actually listen to real music. The singer digs deep into his African root as he sheds light on the desire for freedom, and he inputs the presence of a choir, which was beautiful actually. There is also the presence of a little reggae feel, he didn’t miss out on that African feel one hears when you listen to a track about Africa in general.  Let Me Know shows a young man struggling to make it like Dangote, as he promises to the world his love interest. He also reveals the different sides of him to the people he has come across in his life, such as his ex-girlfriend, therapist and others. So far, looking at this entire body of work, one thing is prominent, which is his fantastic beat-feel, he has done a good job there, no cap.
The first feature on the album Back In Office is on the track Desire, with Gyakie, when you take two hitmakers, and put them on one track, of course, you should expect pure magic. Just as the title says, desire is all about his love interest once again, and how he doesn’t want her to leave his side. No Strings Attached features Joeboy and we didn’t expect anything less from this combo but a hit, and yes we love it. This track shows a young man who is back in the office thinking of how he can get the lady that has caught his attention. Here he desires to show forth his ‘desire’ and therefore he is willing to send her any amount she desires, he just wants her to come to his house. The beat of this track in particular is typical Joeboy and Mayorkun feel, and we love it from the first second to the last. It is one hit material that has been topping charts. Another hot single material is Holy Father where he features Victony. There is no how you will hear this track, and you will not nod your head and move your body. Victony’s voice on this piece is just amazing.
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We see two young men who are praying to God, as they run back to their love interest, even if she breaks their hearts in the process, they will still come back to her. Nakupenda, Mayorkun is not the first artist to make use of this title for his song, but he is one artist who has used it well. Hearing all this, we can really say he is definitely back in office. Nakupenda which means ‘I love you’ in Swahili is for the lovebirds in the building. The young singer goes out of Nigeria, and infuses Swahili even in the verse of this song, which is commendable. When there is singer Flavour, there has to be taste in that song, and the track Feel Am is not deviod of this factor. Listening to this piece, this rising star didn’t disappoint the party lovers, and also the lovers who have awaited his second album. Feel Am follows the typical Igbo flow that will make the Easterners rejoice, he surely didn’t disappoint. Piece Of Mind bring us back from the east (lol), to listen to a young man who is trying to find peace of mind in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. One unique thing about this track is that he incoprotated the bridge of Dija’s song, Awww, and it flowed beautifully well. Jay Jay features DJ Maphorisa Kabza De Small. Of course once DJ Maphorisa is on a track, just expect to have feel that amapiano feel and beat in full blast, and this track is not lacking in this regard. Oluwa is the track that brings us to the end of this musical journey, and it is indeed the perfect track for a beautiful piece like this. Here he gives thanks to Oluwa for fighting for him and keeping him above his enemies and haters.
Final Thoughts
Mayorkun’s Back In Office is a depiction that this rising star will be here for a long time. If his second studio album can be like this, then we definitely anticipate a third album. Back In Office gets a 6/10; this is just the begining for this champ, and we are glad to be with him right from the first step.
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