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Music Review: Fave’s ‘Riddim 5’ Is Pure Rhythm And Classy Vibes

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Fast-rising singer and songwriter Fave has dropped her amazing EP titled Riddim 5 and every wants a piece of it on her playlist if not all of it.

Her rise in the music industry is nothing but commendable, she first surfaced big time on Olamide’s UY Scuti and since then, she has been giving us nothing but riddim. Her songs give off this Caribean feel while still bordering towards the Alte and R&B by way of African pop. Fave kind of combines all these and just presents us with nothing but magic. One thing that makes her stand out is her super great contralto/mezzo soprano voice, kind of similar to that of Tems. Digging in, Obsessed starts this musical journey and it reveals a side of Fave that we have been seeing regarding her love life and how she is handling it.

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The singer makes it known that she is obsessed just as the title insinuates with her love interest. This track is a typical girl-like-boy-too-much kind of song, and she really paints the emotions a lot of ladies have nowadays. Looking at her songs, Fave represents a voice for the ladies out there. She says things that they want to say on a  normal day when it comes to their emotions, but can’t because there is the existence of that stereotypical mindset that it is only the guys that are to confess their emotions or reveal the depth of their emotions. Moving on to S.M.K she shows us a side of her that we didn’t know, most didn’t know that she could speak Yoruba considering the fact that she is from an Igbo background, but she delivers in ace on this track. The instrumentality, depth of musicality, and vocals are just awesome. Fave will definitely become the fav of many following this EP. On S.M.K she calls out to her love interest to sing for her and with her because he is the fire in her stove. She surely knows how to twist these words.

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Kilotufe is another track that shows off her Yoruba speaking prowess, listening to this body of work gives us insight into the strength and life of this rising star which is not written anywhere. For her to deliver in such a unique way, like doing the same thing others are doing but excelling at it because she is different, this is just the definition of this singer. The quality of her vocals will forever make her stand out.

On this track, she makes it known that no matter what the haters do, she will still sing her song because that is what she does. So matter what they want because haters will always want, she will be running her race and lying in her bed the way she wants because she has laid it that way. Mr Man stands out with its amazing intro, this is definitely hit single material, and listening to it one doesn’t need to ask why it is a hit single. It has a similar beat to Beautifully and it is just wonderful.

Mr Man shows a girl that is ready to go all the way with her love interest, and she is listening attentively so that the things he can’t say with his mouth he should say with his hands, and we all know what that means (lol). This song is beautiful in and out. Riddim 5 is indeed pure rhythm and classy vibes from this amazing star. She creates her own world and welcomes everyone into it and we definitely love it. Fave did not fail to include her hit single that shot her into limelight on this EP, Baby Riddim from which this entire body of work gets its title. This track can be defined as the ultimate. It is the fav of many and still is because there is just that blend of vocal prowess, uniqueness, and balance in every area. This is a love song for the ladies and they are loving it.
Final Thoughts
Fave’s Riddim 5 is a pure combination of depth, growth, talent, amazing skill and promise. This body of work gets a 7/10 because, come on, for someone this young, she is definitely a game changer. Listen to the EP below;

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