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Music Review: Dunnie Makes Bold Statement On Four EP

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When it comes to discussing young voices in the Afrobeats music genre of Nigeria, Dunnie, the ‘Legend o’ crooner will have a seat in the front row. Dunnie continues to show in every work she puts out just how much she has grown, how she is evolving and how her music is an integral part of her life.

DunnieSo, when on May 28, 2020, the singer released her second project, Four EP, her fans must have danced with glee and joy, knowing they were in for an amazing ride.

You’ll recall that the singer-producer had dropped her debut project in 2018, titled Seven EP. (Yes, she definitely has something with number).  And as expected on her new EP, she displays an enviable amount of growth.

There is only so much an artiste can do on a four or five track EP, but Dunnie doesn’t disappoint. She carefully selects her instrumentals to align with her Afrobeats taste and then she blows you away with her vibe on each track. It is nothing short of interesting and alluring.

Speaking about the release, the singer said “Four in the Jewish culture means Growth and a state of being. Social distancing and self isolation made me spend a lot of time with myself and I came to realize that I have grown in every aspect of myself both in artistry and as a human being. If you have followed my Journey from 7 to 4, what you will definitely hear is Growth from Dunnie.”

The EP opens with Overdose. As expected, it is pure Afrobeats. The instrumental syncs elegantly with her voice, as she sings about love and how she will “always be there.” The song is an important opener to what will turn out to be a beautiful EP.

You didn’t read it here though, but Koro is a song telling her love to have a quick one with her in a secret corner. Koro can loosely be interpreted as ‘Secret corner.’  The song closely resembles what any Afrobeats artist would present.In Ordinary which is easily this writer’s favorite because of the lyricism and lyrical content, Dunnie talks about how no one should rate her above what she is. Her voice blends beautifully with every thing this song stands for, and one can just imagine her bobbing her head away while recording the song. My problem with it? Too short.

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The last track I Need You is where the ‘Legend o’ talks about how she needs a lover. Yes, after saying she wants to be in the Koro, she is suddenly single. Women are what again?

Dunnie has definitely made a song that the Gen Z will gravitate towards easily. The song might not enjoy massive airplay but in the words of Sefi Atta, Everything Good Will Come.

As earlier stated, there is either so much or very little that one can do on a four-track EP. Nonetheless, Dunnie has made a bold statement and is fast creating a safe space for when she’ll drop her album. We look forward to hearing more from this artiste.

We rate it a 7/10.Photo Credit: Instagram

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