Music Review: Crayon’s Latest EP, ‘Twelve A.M’ Doesn’t Sail The Boat But Has Good Features

Sensational Nigerian musical artist Charles Chibueze Chukwu popularly known as Crayon is that fast-rising Nigerian Afropop artist and songwriter. The singer recently dropped his latest EP titled, Twelve A.M. This is a follow-up of his debut project, Cray Cray which was released in 2019. The 4-track EP features Bella Shmurda, Rema, and One Acen.crayon As a matter of fact, earlier this month, he released the official single Jackpot featuring Bella Shmurda and the song is the fourth track of his released EP.
The production on the EP was done by in-house producers, BabyFresh and Ozedikus.
Now on the track In Sync , which opens this body of work, the beats and the consistent tune is a good one but pairing it up with the lyrical content, we have to take a pause.
What is he really talking about on this track?
The only consistent thing about this track is the resounding beat because if we are to look at his lyrical content, it borders on the cliche songs people sing about ladies and their body parts.
If you are going to do something that has been done before, try and do it in an extraordinary way. Which will then differentiate what you have done from what has been done before.
At a point, one would feel the song is too long because frankly, it generates no emotions or vibe whatsoever.
Crayon can definitely do much better than this as he has convinced us on other tracks he has released. But judging by this one, it’s a no-brainer.
Moving on, from the intro, of course, you can surely decipher that there is an extra sauce on this track, Too Correct. And that extra sauce is in the person of Rema.
The funny thing here is that Rema is singing about the same cliche words about ladies but the beats paired with his style and mannerism in his voice as he does on his songs make this one stand out. And is indeed a step up from the latter track by Crayon.
The consistent sound of the trumpet just makes you want to nod your head unconsciously. Rema made this song in terms of vibes and feel. He literarily sang the whole song. From the beginning to the end, we are searching for Crayons’ part. No cap.
Rema has proven himself to be a spice that just makes things better and his feature on this track takes the cap.
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Man Dem featuring One Acen is a cool and chilling song. The background sound does much better than the main voice, I dare say.
Crayon should stick to the likes of Peruzzi and Fireboy whose lyrical content makes sense and help push farther the beats and tunes.
The instrumentals from the beginning to the end are okay but not necessarily great, as we hope and believe that the Crayon can do much better.
The theme of this EP is shaky as one cannot pinpoint the direction or meaning of the entire body of work.
If the instrumentation of Jackpot is what Crayon calls a party rocker then he should take a step back and breathe. Because, yes Jackpot is groovy, Bella Shmurda here adds tonal and vocal quality to it if not it will be a repeat of In-Sync.
The problem is how he combines his lyric, he makes use of relatable slangs but does not maximize them to their full potential.
I bet if a person like Zlatan had these lyrics he would have dropped a better beat alongside a better tune for these lyrics.
Final Thoughts
Crayon’s Twelve A.M can be much better with more features, better instrumentations, synchronization, and above all lyrical content. The singer needs to define his part and then sit and learn to write songs with better lyrics. There should be a balance; if the lyrics is bad at least, the beat should compliment it, and if the beat is bad the lyrics likewise should compliment it.
It is a good thing that this is an experimental work as we hope and believe he is trying different combos and genres in order to find a niche for himself vocally, tonally, and lyrically. Above well-done Crayon as we await more success from the young star.crayonPhoto Credit: Getty
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