Music Review: Chike’s Dance Of The Booless EP Is Ironically Perfect, But Unnecessary

In reviewing Chike’s debut album, Boo of the Booless, which dropped on the 14th of February 2020, I said it was the perfect valentine gift. I have since maintained that the album has a solid space in the best 2020 albums from Nigeria.

ChikeSo, with the announcement that Dance of the Booless Vol. 1 was in the works, I was ambivalent, skeptical about it; not the reception the album would receive, because certainly Chike’s fans would gobble up anything he drops.

I was skeptical because in my opinion there was no need for any booless sequel. The album was good, we know. Move on. Give us new music. No need romanticizing the success of your last project, but then no need for this talk, because the album is here.

The album is a beautiful work connecting members of the EDM community, a music community that is under-reported and under-appreciated. The project aims to show these folks in all their glory and majestic art, and this writer must say it aptly does that.

From a music talent show, to a well received album, Chike is fast becoming a music icon. He is doing the works and the result is stunning.

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Chike says that the Dance of the Booless is to be a three-part series EP of danceable remixed songs from the original album, Boo of the Booless.

While this writer remains glad that the EDM community is receiving recognition, the idea behind the series is laughable. It is the popular thing with Nigerian artiste, to take a project that turned out successfully and keep banking on it.

Nigerian artistes do not know how to move on from the success of a project. They keep going back to relive the moment, which is what Chike is doing. We’ll see where that leads.

The song, Insecure has two remixes, Sarmy Fire and Sensei Lo. The beauty of these remixes is in the hook and the drums, the sheer dance effect that they bring to play.

On Nakupenda remix by Sigag Lauren, whose remixes I always terribly enjoy,he doesn’t disappoint. He does the same with the Finders Keepers remix. It is pure bliss to listen to these remixes.

If You No Love remix by DysleX is beautiful because of the anxiousness he brings to the song. It sounds like you’re waiting for something, especially when he has that drum effect, and the end of the tunnel is eclectic. Roju by Lord Sky will definitely be one you’ll remember. With the traditional Igbo music signature wrapped into the song, he truly outdid himself.

A brilliant album no less. It is a well served dish, with just the right amount of spices and everything needed to make the meal delicious. While this writer might not stan the idea behind the EP, Chike must be commended for his good work here. Kudos bro.Photo Credit: Instagram

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