Music Review: Cheque Makes A Brilliant Entry With Razor EP

On on Friday, July 3, Cheque released his debut project and Twitter went agog with comments of how terrific it was. The hashtag #superboycheque #razorEP began to climb the trend table as more people listened and came to drop their take on the album.

ChequeFirst off, it is imperative to state here that as much as this writer enjoys Cheque’s music and his vibe, his branding his off. He bears too much semblance to Rema (with the teddy bear theatrics on Instagram) and Omah Lay (with his appearance and music).

That however did not stop him from dropping a beautiful album that will help his ranking and rating as a new artiste, seeking to break out and create a space for himself.

It is worthy of note that these new crop of artistes springing forth daily are putting their best foot forward and their projects are a huge testament to the talent they embody. In Razor EP, Cheque presents himself as a trap/afro/f**k boy/lover of women. It is an interesting narrative.

In Satisfied, which sounds too similar to something Omah Lay will record, Cheque presents himself as the perfect picture of the Nigerian “fuvkboy”. He sings about how he had no time for these ladies who want to hold him down, because well, “he’s a bad boy in a good mood”.

Loco is an interesting Afro-Pop song. It has the lamba vibe which makes it all the more beautiful. It is a love song, and Cheque pours his heart out to his woman, as he asks her to return the love he is giving. Is there something about the word, Soco in a song that makes it lovely?

O Dun is the Yoruba translation of the English words, “It is sweet”. If there’s anything these new artistes are perfect at, it is discussing a woman’s body using a ton of sexual innuendos to mask the true meaning. However, really, this man can “go a hundred rounds?” Bro, we all need lessons from you.

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Zoom is a trap-based song and as conversant with Nigerian artistes, he has to sing about his enemies and haters. It is a good song, because of the feel Cheque brings to the table. It is in another sense a message to haters and critics. Do music critics fall into this category? The song however, as a poor ending. Cheque would have let the instrumental keep playing as he ended the hook.

Hollywood is another trap-song. It will easily fade in the presence of the other songs.

Cheque has made a terrific debut EP that will assuredly help his name and career as an artiste. However, a powerful artiste and artistry goes beyond good songs and projects.

Early this year, Instagram celebrity, Oyemykke had said he doesn’t know what Fireboy looks like. A statement which created a string of controversy. This is the path Cheque is taking with his music, if he doesn’t work hard on his brand.

That said, Razor EP is a brilliant debut project. An 8/10.

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