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Music Review: Buju’s ‘Sorry I’m Late’ Highlights His Determination And Unique Talent

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Nigerian Afro-fusion singer Bujutoyourears has dropped his much-anticipated debut EP titled Sorry I’m Late, and it has received a warm welcome from fans around the world. The 7-track EP has mostly Buju going solo with one feature on the 5th track with Caveman.
buju sorry i'm late

This rising star has definitely been a hot one this year, as he has been appearing on the hottest collabos of the year. One unique thing about this extended play is the fact that his already released singles,  Outside and Testimony did not make it to this body of work. So he gives us everything fresh from the oven, and we are ready to jump on it all. Daniel Benson starts this musical journey for us, and we can say there is a pun intended here (lol). Buju literarily tells of his journey so far as he is Daniel Benson himself. Here he tells people how he is not stopping or getting tired any time soon because he is on fire.
buju sorry i'm late
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The beat to these lyrics has a groovy vibe to it. Not the typical dancehall but Buju on Sorry I’m Late is serving something new and spicy. Moving on to Never Stopped, this track opens up with that lovely trumpet sound that will make you smile. The singer reveals how he has never stopped for anything in life so he sees no reason why he will stop now. So far Buju is making it known that he is here for the long term. He also makes mention of what people are that he can’t sing and all that, but he is not paying attention to all that. The first track that can pass on the dancefloor is Kilometer. As anticipated as this debut extended play is, a lot of people also wanted that they can groove to on the dancefloor, but it seems Buju was not interested in the dancefloor, but he was more focused on moving the minds of people through his lyrics, and he has been succeeding thus far. Something Sweet is for the ladies as he hails his love interest. The loverboy in Buju is unleashed and he seems to have a good grasp of how to be one. Ogechukwu featuring The Caveman is indeed a classic. For all the people wondering how well Buju is doing or who is fueling his engine, he has made it known that it is God on this track.
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The Afro-fusion singer centers this EP on himself and highlights a different side of him that people have not seen, and we are liking it, no cap. From giving thanks to God he once again talks about his love interest and gives us the Buju we all know on the track, For Here. Here he is ready to the Romeo to his love interest. He is definitely lovestruck on this track. Seeing the name of this last track on this body of work, one would think it is about the wedding I do, but sorry to burst your bubble, Sorry I’m Late is all about this rising star, and he once again makes it known that he might be competing with others but what differentiates him from them is the fact that they do not want the fame and success as bad as he does.
Final Thoughts
Buju’s Sorry I’m Late is a slice into the life of this rising star. He doesn’t mince words as he makes it known that he is here to stay for a long time and have his presence felt. One obvious fact about this entire body of work is that he chose to speak to the minds of people so they can know more of his person and give that assertion that he is here for the whole 30 yards. This EP gets a 6/10 because come on, It’s Buju, above the sky is his starting point. More grease to his elbows. Listen to the amazing EP here;

buju sorry i'm late
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