Friday, September 30, 2022

Music Is Not Dead Yet: Meet The Nigerian Artists Still Keeping It Real

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2faceEarlier this week veteran artist, 2Baba complained about the deteriorating state of the Nigerian music industry and a lot of Nigerians do agree with him. But i beg to defer, there are amazing artists in this country currently doing amazing things but the thing is we don’t take time out to look for them, I know they should push their music to us, but in all honesty, they are really trying, it’s just that the music scene which is  corrupted at the moment that they decide to push songs that are not up to par and let good music die. So here are a list of Nigerian artist you probably have not heard of, that you should definitely listen to.
1. Tay Iwar:

I found his music in 2016 through a friend and i was blown away, his ‘Renascentia’ EP is a mixture of a sonic feel and a dreamy vibe, i couldn’t believe he is Nigerian, not knowing that he is just a boy from Abuja making music for the love of it.
2. Nonso Amadi:
This guy is basically breeze of fresh air, in this age of loud sounds and half baked productions, Nonso Amadi’s subtle voice and relaxing rhythm  is perfect for you and your alone time, it’s like he doesn’t stress to sing. His ‘Alone’ EP paints a picture of a new age love story. But look out for the ‘Gele’ song on the EP and thank me later.
3. Show Dem Camp:

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For a long time now a lot of people have said that Nigerian hiphop is dead, but this hiphop group has just been overlooked that’s why people have make such remarks but for us who have been following them, from their ‘Clone Wars III’ album to their ‘Palm wine’ EP we know they have been representing, from punchlines, to bars to intellectual content.
4. Brymo:

After his legal battle with Chocolate City, a lot of people thought his music was dead and a lot of people still do now, but since then he has released 4 critically acclaimed albums and he is arguable the only Nigerian artist doing real Afro Beats. Photo Credit: Getty

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