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Movie Review: ‘Who’s The Boss’ Is The Perfect Depiction Of Modern-Day Work Place Politics

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Once again Nollywood hits the nail on the head in this fasinating and surely unique movie that sheds light on a very obvious yet silent part of our society; Who’s The Boss.
Directed by Chinaza Onuzuo, and featuring known A-list actors such as Funke Akindele, Segun Arinze, Sharoon Ooja, Blosom Chukwujekwe, Ini Dima-Okojie to mentio a few.MOVIEThe comedy is set to follow the life of Liah (Sharon Ooja) who has to manoeuvre life with her overbearing boss (Funke Akindele-Bello), less-than-acceptable secret lover (Blossom Chukwujekwe) with her best friend, Jumoke (Ini Dima-Okojie). She is a fantastic worker but has to fight her way out of the claws of her tyranical boss.
The picture Liah paints is a mirror of what a lot of Nigerian women and even men go through.
Who’s The Boss shows the typical Nigerian who has to strggle in order to make it in life and even with all your qualification, still have to look up to the ‘ogas at the top’ who do not see you as good enough.
When it comes to a perfect message, this movie embodies. The storyline is pure as it doesn’t over flog the intended theme of the movie. It served the right protion thereby making it easy for it to go down our throat.
Sharon Ooja who plays the lead role was a very perfect cast, For once we can say no one would have done it any better. Herself and Ini moved the storyline to another level.
The connection between them was just perfect, at a point it no longer looked like acting but just two young ladies showing us how they lived their lives by having each others back.
Characters have been known to bring to life the script and kudos has to go to Hauwa (Funke Akindele Bello). She never disappoints, she alwyas delivers whenever she get on the big screen. She was the perfect boss b*tch. Funke made the words overbearing and tyranical, look cool.
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The likes of Tunde (Segun Arinze) portrayed the typical Nigerian boss who has the interest of their company alone at heart. In most offices, workers are looked at as tools that can be bought, discarded and sold, Tunde was the personification of this and he played it to the hilt.
Another unique factor that comes into play here is the first person narrative which was adopted by the lead actress. Liah’s narration comes attached with colourful graphics and lively animations that depict her aversion for her bosses.
There’s no filter on the display of her conflicting feelings, just like any other millennial woman you and I know, we see Liah going to the club, fighting with her best friend, having sex with men she’ll regret in the morning and pursuing her dream career; all while steering clear of any judgment for her lifestyle.
The different types of bosses that exists was displayed through the characters of Lekan, Tunde and Hauwa. We come to see and understand how and why some bosses are the way they are just like the case of Hauwa. who's the boss KOKO TV NGNow, one thing Nollywood has not yet gotten right overtime, is their romance scenes and this movie falls in that department. The romance scene between Sharon Ooja and Blosom Chukwujekwe was just ‘okay’. It can and should have been better. Nollywood should focus on making this part of the industry much better.
Another minus for this movie is the costume, Jumoke (Ini Dima-Okojie) was supposedly a rich girl and we could not really depict that from her outfit.
It was also so obvious that the costumier was trying so hard to create that serious nerdy girl look with Liah (Sharon Ooja). Somethime subtlety is key and this was ,missing in this case.
A major lowpoint again is the hairstyle, come on, who was the stylist in charge of Liah and Jumoke’s hair. The hair style was terrible in cap letter, TERRIBLE.
If you are rich, come on, you won’t put on one wig through out an entire film. No cap!
Yes the message of the movie exposes bosses who take so much from their employees but give very little appreciation to them and it was well played, I must say.
Going further, at a point in this film, the relationship between Liah and Lekan seemed to be going no where, in fact the final quarrel between the two of them was actually uncalled for.
Final Thoughts
Who’s The Boss is that movie to get for your boss that has a sh*tty character. The message was passed in a very fantastic way with the characterization of the entire movie cast on point. Every other loophole present in this film comes from the technical aspect which can be better. Nollwood is really climbing the entertainment stairs in style. We are proud.
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