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Movie Review: ”Tanwa Savage” Is A Movie That Throws Nollywood Back To 10 Years Ago

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One movie that has got people talkling is the Nigerian comedy drama, Tanwa Savage written and directed by Geshin Salvador. This movie stars Nollwood A-list actors like Segun Arinze, Bimbo Ademoye, Linda Osifo, Timini Egbuson, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, Uzor Arukwe, and others.
tanwa savage

This movie is one the reason why people will say Nollywood is not moving forward. Tanwa Savage centres around a married couple, Jolaoluwa and Zainab. They have been trying their best to concieve but to no avail, then they resort to trying out their own ideas, on how to handle the situation. Jola goes and impregnates two other ladies, and the moment they announce to him that they pregnant, his wife Zainab come and says she is also pregnant. Now this movie shows how Jola handles his three pregnant women, and how karma is really a b*tch.
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Firstly the storyline, there’s the popular saying that when the foundation is destroyed, what shall the righteous do; that just defines this entire movie. There are too many loopholes in this movie, why, because of the use of flashback. Flashback is a technique that when not proper used, it can just jeopardise the entire script. The scriptwriter definitely doesn’t known how to make use of this technique because he/she just made the entire movie confusing, putting flashbacks where it isn’t necessary. From the first flashback, to the last flashback, everything was poorly implemented. In fact, the poor use of flashback is the reason why Tanwa Savage has a very poor ending. Lets put a pause on the storyline, and come to the costume and make up, please at this age and stage, who still makes ‘fake pregnancy look fake’. Come on, the pregnancy of all the three ladies looked super fake in each and every scene. It was like Nollywood is taken back to 10 years ago.
The make up was very poor also, we just have to ask, please who drew Tosin’s brows, come on and why were they always making Zainab look like she is one very old woman when in fact she is a young lady. Another minus for the costume is in each and every scene, they made sure none of the characters repeated clothes, right, then did they forget to give Zainab a different outfit, when she went to see the doctor and found out that she was pregnant; because the same outfit she wore, is the same she wore a month ago, when she is went to Micheal’s house, to sleep with him, really. This just futrher crashed the art of verissilimitude and plausibility that was gradually building irrespective of the obvious flaw. Like it was stated in the beginning, the entire fault came from the script of the movie itself. Let’s now disect the characterization, the only person who delivered well was Tosin (Bimbo Ademoye), we all know she is aterrific actress and she didn’t disappoint.
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The role of Zainab (Linda Osifo) just makes us wonder if someone in that situation will act the way she did. Linda can be better, because she didn’t kill this role at all. People like Nkechi Blessing were just overacting, come on, this is not a village movie. Speaking of Micheal played by Timini Egbuson, he was just there, Nollywood has stereotyped his character to be mr loverboy, who likes to sleep around, and frankly it is becoming boring. Another star in this movie was Segun Arinze, the veteran showed us why he is a veteran, he ate up his role in ace, and we are not surprised becasue it Segun Arinze after all. The cinematography was okay, but could have been better. The flow from one scene to another was just poor; which is why we say it could have been better, because we have seen better. A big NO goes to the musicality, no further comments.
Final Thoughts
The movie Tanwa Savage is a poor representation of the skills, talents, advancement and growth of Nollywood over the years. Nollywood has past the era and stage of making movies just for making sake,  but it is now at the level of making Oscar worthy movies.
tanwa savage

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  1. Thank you. I just finished watching it and I was irritated, but it was funny at the same time. The only thing I might disagree with you on is the claim that actors should not repeat their clothes. I understand where it might seem fraudulent but honestly, that’s how normal life is and acting is supposed to represent normal life

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