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Movie Review: ‘Still Falling’ Has An Apt Cast And A Deep Message

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If you are looking for a movie that takes you on an emotional roller-coaster and still has an amazing end, then this is the movie for you. The movie Still Falling will make even the strongest of hearts cry and that’s a fact.still falling

This film centers on a young lady Bono Kuku (Sharon Ooja) who was emotionally and psychologically scarred by her ex-boyfriend Captain Lagi Gowon (Daniel Etim-Effiong). Now years later he returns to her life to ask for forgiveness, and to heal, but things don’t go as planned. Still Falling draws its theme from love, and forgiveness amidst other things. Now let’s get into the koko of the matter. The storyline, yes this film has a very beautiful storyline with a perfect ending, if this movie ended otherwise, then it would have been cliche.
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The uniqueness of the storyline makes this movie evergreen that one can watch it over and over again and give different ways that Bono could have reacted and that the movie could have ended. Established that the storyline is amazing, let’s get to the characterization which is another angle where most movies flop even when they have a good story. But this film right here was different, Sharon Ooja was the perfect character to play the lead role, she embodies this movie, through every scene, emotion, reaction, intonation, delivery, just name it. She was as natural as possible that got even looked like what she would do and how she would react in real life (lol), this pretty damsel definitely deserves some flowers. To the male lead, Daniel Etim-Effiong, one thing he has been able to establish is the fact that there is no wrong role because every role he takes up, he delivers excellently well and in this movie, he did justice to the character. We can’t even think of a better character or a better duo that would have been able to take us to the height that these two got us while watching the movie. One high point of the movie Still Falling is that the cast was not much, but every character was important and they all pulled their weight in gold. We have to give it to the way the movie ended, it was so real, especially the part where he came back, that ending scene with Bono was so real to the point that it gave goosebumps, no cap. That scene is IT because if he didn’t come back, there would have been no closure for her and she would once again wound up on a darker and harsher part than before, that it would be certified to say that he officially ruined her in this lifetime.
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Vices like the makeup and costume were on point; this is a movie that doesn’t require much in this department and the crew that handled this understood the assignment and delivered.  The cinematography was clean and dope same as the photography. One lovely thing about this movie was the fact that they established that her friend was not jobless because gone are those times where you see the female lead, with her friend who is always at home, jobless; but this one had a job and they even showed it, good job. The musicality was soft and moderate. With this kind of storyline, emphasis is on the cast and how they deliver their roles and they achieved it, other vices like the makeup, etc would have taken away from what people needed to focus on and the entire cast and crew understood the assignment to a T.
Final Thought
The movie Still Falling is an emotional reminder that life has a beginning and an end and nothing lasts forever so try to heal when you can, forgive always and live in the moment. This beautiful piece gets a 7/10 and we say, Weldone.still falling
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