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Movie Review: Real Life Stories Adapted Into Movies; An Insight Into Societal Flaw

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The entertainment industry in Africa at large has improved to the point of not just focusing on stories that are about fun and laughter but stories are drawn from societal happening. Societal flaws have affected the country to the point of becoming a norm, something that has been unconsciously accepted in our mindset.movieThese movies talk about situations that happened and are still happening in society. For instance human trafficking, child marriage to mention a few.
It is such a great achievement that a voice is been given to people who have fallen victims to these ills in society.
Here are some movies that focused on and gives insight into the societal flaws that have not been addressed enough;
This movie is one movie that touches the heart and also sheds light on a particular flaw in society which is Human Trafficking.
Most people fall victim to this as a result of the poor economical status of the country. Research shows that most people who go into prostitution or fall victim to human traffickers are a result of their desire to make money.
Oloture brought to light this society flaw by taking it from the angle of a lady’s real-life story. The movie focuses on a journalist who goes undercover as a prostitute to expose human trafficking and finds a world of exploited women and ruthless violence. They shed light on the psychological and emotional trauma victims of human trafficking go through. it also shows the depth of determination and heartlessness of people who willingly traffic young kids and even adult by promising them a brighter future wherever they are been taken to. This movie has the potential to be evergreen as it gives a voice to victims so of this abuse.

Milk Maid
In rural sub-Saharan Africa, Aisha, a Fulani milkmaid, is searching for her younger sister, Zainab. Dire personal circumstances force her to approach the religious militants who were responsible for their separation in the first instance, but she is determined to find her despite the compromises she must make to do so.
However, her quest to recapture her blithe past proves to be unexpectedly complicated in a world whose festering conflict provides several paths to becoming a victim with typically irreversible consequences.
Now this movie sheds light on one of the strong plagues affecting Nigerian society and also other African countries which is the attack and killing of terrorist groups, Boko Haram, Bandits, and the likes.
Many families have been displaced and lives lost as a result of these terrorist groups abducting and killing their fellow human beings.
Many times a cry for help has been given to the government yet these people keep on committing atrocities.
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This movie is an insurgency-inspired romantic-thriller motivated by the infamous abduction of Chibok schoolgirls by Boko Haram. It revolves around the story of Goni (Adam Garba) and Salma (Asabe Madaki) – two victims kidnapped by a heartless “Sojojin Aljanna (The Army of Paradise)” terrorist gang.28 Nov 2020.
Another slam at the Boko Haram terrorist group but this time, the focus is channeled on the abduction of the Chibok Girls in Borna State. This year marked the seventh year and nothing has been done so far.
Nigerians have taken time to put this act in dialogue and scenes and this will forever serve as a voice for those voiceless girls who are still in captivity.

Fisherman Diary
One societal flaw that has over time affected Nigerian society, especially the Northern part of the country is Child Marriage and Girl-Child education.
Western education has grown and has come to put an end to child marriage but a lot of people from the north still push for child marriage.
The Fisherman Diary picks this as its theme and sheds light on this societal flaw through the lead character of Ekah whose desire to go to school causes her father to marry her off to Mallam Sule. This marriage leads to Ekah been raped every day by Sule and causes her to have VVF.
Yes, the case of child marriage has reduced in the North but there are still some parts and African countries that still practice this act.
This movie is an emotional voice to people who have fallen victim to this amidst other barbaric acts been practiced in society.

Fourth Republic
4th Republic is a movie that you’ve seen many times but is still somehow different. It follows the events after a governorship election night in the fictional ‘Confluence State’. There are only two candidates left standing/worth considering and that’s the ‘righteous’ Mabel King or the incumbent Idris Sani.
The riggings that take place during the election and also the lies told are one constant in Nigeria. This movie is the perfect depiction of what politicians do and carry out.
All these societal flaws that have become a norm need to be stopped.

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