Movie Review: Netflix Gives Us Another Super Hero Group With ‘Umbrella Academy’

Netflix has joined the league of superhero movie creators with their new TV series, ‘The Umbrella Academy.’ The series like every other superhero movie is centered around trying to prevent the end of the world and mankind.  But my problem with the first season which consists of 10 episodes is lack of a concrete back story, for example, how did the women give birth without any sign of pregnancy a day before? why Sir Reginald Hargreeves was so emotionally disconnected from the children? What is the genesis of the commission? and how are they able to bend time? how did Sir Reginald Hargreeves find the children? all these questions were left unanswered throughout the 10 episodes but we hope there is a season 2 where we will get all our answers. Also, I feel the scenes leading up to the apocalypse was rushed, Luther strangling Vanya and locking her up just didn’t feel real, but all in all it is a cool series to share with your family, I give it a 5/10 rating.
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