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Movie Review: Little Black Book (Season Two) Takes Deep Family Secrets And Love To Another Level

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AMVCA nominated series Little Black Book is back and better with a season two.

The series features amazing acts like Bimbo Akintola, Kanayo. O. Kanayo, Teniola Aladese, Ikechukwu Onunakwu, Anee Icha, Floyd Igbo and a host of others. So, lets get into the KOKO of the matter. Little Black Book season two threw us into a curve because, what!!! Season two was entirely different from season one and if not for the familiar faces, we would have been lost. The storyline in episode one, two, three was quite confusing considering the fact that it didn’t exactly flow smoothly from season one. little black bookSome parts were quite confusing but that stems from not understanding what is going on exactly. But as we pushed further, it became clearer. One would understand the entire story when you get to the end, much more than, when you start. One fault with the storyline here is the fact that some characters like Chris’s girlfriend, Zainab, Jaiye, and London fell out of the blues, just like that. So people needed time to digest their presence, role and character in the series.
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Another thing that was off with season two was the switch from one story to another, I mean when did Kyenpia come into the story, and what did she do to be the special one that he breaks his no-babies-code for. The bottom line is that, the switch was not really smooth and it affected the outlook. But some thing clicked in this season that we must commend; like the presence of Moet Abebe (London). My gawd, she ate up her role like hot sauce and she delivered in spades. Her character would make you want to stone her through your screen and we have to give it to Teniola Aladese (Tade). She played the lovesick damsel like a pro. At some point, you’ll want to slap her because her mumu was too much. But she finally got her acts together and as always we love her, no cap. The likes of Kanayo. O. Kanayo and Bimbo Akintola did not fall our hands as they delivered in ace. Anee Icha keeps on giving us back to back and we love it. Coming to the setting, it was cleared and we finally understood where Tade was staying (lol).
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The makeup looked like the female casts did it themselves and a point, Tade‘s make up did not look good. The music was lovely. The way they composed songs for the series and used it to expand the mood of each scene, was commendable. Little Black Book season two takes us deeper into the world of Leo and how he affected the lives of everyone around him. It is commendable that more light was shed on Leo‘s life and what his problem is actually, (lol). Themes like love, unrequited love, betrayal, hate, blackmail, etc. were well explored in this season and it was beautiful.
Final Thoughts
Little Black Book season two as said earlier throws us into a curve that was confusing at first, but beautiful. This series gets a 6/10 and we are eager for a season three.

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