Movie Review: How ‘Up North’ Dispels All The Rumours You’ve Heard About The North

For the part 8 years all the stories that we in the south have been told about the North have not been very pretty and this has created a wrong perception about the North and the people that live in it. It’s so bad other Nigerians avoid visiting the North, but the movie ‘Up North’ has come to show us that there is nothing to fear as the North is a beautiful place with a rich culture, and they did a good job. The movie which is about a spoilt boy who was banished by his father to Bauchi State to complete his NYSC programme found love and purpose in the State which is peaceful. Although this is a comedy movie there is an atom of seriousness in it as the important of education and health was tackled in the movie. This Movie has a 6/10 rating.

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