Movie Review: How Mowgli Almost Destroy Our Childhood

Remaking a movie that has already been made is hard, remaking a movie that has been made twice and has had a TV series is even harder, so it is understandable that the movie Mowgli was a huge flop. The story about a wolf boy who tries to cope with the jungle rules and tried to manage being human and wolf at the same time, that made our childhood interesting was destroyed by this particular motion picture, in trying not to give us the exact same thing we have watched before, the movie now felt like a summary of the whole story, it felt rushed and unstimulating. They could have started the story from when Mowgli defeated the Tiger or better still begin the story from Mowgli’s parents or tell us why the Tiger is filled with so much hate, but instead, they just made us wasted 1hr 44mins of our life. I give this movie a 4/10 rating.
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