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Movie Review: Gangs Of Lagos A Sneak Peek Into The Underworld

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If you are a movie lover and you are yet to see Gangs of Lagos, I can tell you for free that you are missing out on something spectacular.

Gangs of Lagos

The first Amazon Prime original movie was co-produced by Kemi Lala Akindoju and Jade Osiberu, directed by Jade Osiberu, and co-written by both Jade Osiberu and Kayode Jegede. The movie carries lots of big names from both the movie and the music world. Some of the cast includes Tobi Bakre, Adesua Etomi Wellington, Bimbo Ademoye, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Chike, Zlatan Ibile, Black Kamoru, etc.

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Gangs of Lagos is the story of a young man, Akande Obalola who was born in the ghetto of Isale Eko (Lagos Island), a community noted for crime, gang violence, and other social vices. The story follows the journey of a young boy, Obalola who takes to live on the street despite his mother’s warning and later grows up to be an underdog for the foremost gang boss. Despite having the dream of leaving the ghetto life for a greener pasture, fate had him entwined so deep into the crime world that an escape isn’t only difficult but impossible.

The standard bar for Nollywood movies has been raised over the years and thank God Gangs of Lagos didn’t fall short. With a good story, impressive acting, and awesome production, what more can Nigerians ask for?

Gangs Of Lagos

Just like anything good, there is always room for improvement. That’s why I would like to point out a few things that could have made the movie stand out better.

Let’s start with the back story, we didn’t really know much about Oba’s biological father aside from the fact that he was a crime boss who was brutally killed. Oba’s adopted father Nino is also a crime boss who was killed on the street, his death has a more significant impact on Oba’s life because according to the story, Nino was going to make sure Oba doesn’t turn out on the street. It is however a surprise when Oba raised hell trying to avenge the death of his father. This leaves the audience confused as to which of his father he was trying to avenge.

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Also for a movie of this magnitude, one wouldn’t expect a flimsy continuity error but unfortunately, this one stood out like a lump from a well-ground pounded yam. Ebun (Adesua) and Terrible (Black Kamoru) were given the assignment of going to unload consignment from the docks. Adesuwa was putting on a Kampala print shirt while heading out, in the following scene we see her arriving at the docks in an off-shoulder jumpsuit. In the next scene where the consignments were being loaded into canoes, Adesua is back in Kampala.

Finally, I feel the movie should have been produced as a series, not a featured film. There is so much to explore and enjoy in the movie but the 120-minute plus screen time seems too short for such a film.

Overall, Gangs of Lagos is a good watch, try it out at your leisure and I promise you won’t regret it.

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