More Than Just Music! Five Times Don Jazzy And Tiwa Savage Served Formidable Music Teammate Goals

Many hearts were shaken today when news of Tiwa Savage’s exit from MAVIN records hit the internet, many could not believe it! The music label owned by Michael Collins Ajerah aka Don Jazzy is a well-known brand in Nigeria and has since its inception in 2012 produced many songs that lots of Nigerians vibed to. Notable of which was the group songs that shook the music scenes which included Dorobucci, looku looku and Adaobi. There were many speculations surrounding the real tight relationship between Don Jazzy and Tiwa Savage, one of which was her ex-husband Teebillz’s claim that she had a sexual relationship with ‘Don Baba Jay’, nonetheless, these stars relationship was one that was just too strong to ignore. Regardless of what many people had to say, their relationship was strong enough for both of them, enough to push Tiwa to the Queen of Music position and enough to keep Jazzy as the Music Don, they were a perfect fit! Check out the five times Don Jazzy came through for Tiwa Savage during her MAVINS music career below…

  • According to Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy had always been there for her even before she was signed on to MAVINS record, he helped shaped the Tiwa we all loved before she came on to the label. But then, he took a leap of fate because he believed in her career and went on to sign her on to the record where she became the first lady of the music label. This act was more than just Don Jazzy believing in her career, but Tiwa also trusting him to get her on to where she needed to take her career to as she in 2012 joined a label she co-owned with that of Jazzy to become a singer under the label.
  • It is no news that Tiwa Savage is a controversial artist in the country, whether she seeks to be or not, she ends up being in the “most talked about” category. While no publicity is bad publicity, sometimes, some publicity can do more than just showcase you, they can hurt your brand. However, neglecting the fact that some of Tiwa’s rumors could hurt the MAVINS brand, Tiwa and Don Jazzy pulled through all the controversies she was involved in while she was signed on the brand. Many people took jabs at her dress sense, accused her of being raunchy, shamed her for her videos and many others, but her record label stood by her all through the allegations
  • Once upon a time: The duo shook the music world with Tiwatope’s Once upon a Time album. Don Jazzy and Tiwa’s Eminado and Without my heart were songs that had everyone all caught up in their feelings. Jazzy who quit singing after he disbanded Mo hits came out of his self-imposed music sabbatical to lend his unique voice to these two songs and the outcome was truly beautiful
  • Pregnancy: Many female artists all over the world have been known to fade out while they take a break to have their baby, Tiwa, however, waxed stronger during that period and many wonder what her secret was. With regards to her departure from Jazzy’s label, we all finally got to know the secret to her success. Tiwa shared that Jazzy was not phased out by the news of her pregnancy that he was already working towards keeping her brand. She also shared that while she was recording her RED album, she was heavily pregnant and would fall asleep while recording. She revealed that he and other members of the crew will sleep in the studio waiting for her to wake up so they can continue working. Talk about an extra supportive friend, what a beautiful relationship that was!
  • TeeBillz scandal: This has got to be the most difficult time for Tiwa Savage, her split from her ex-husband, Teebillz was filled with many controversies. The marriage lasted for just two years but came with lots more than she bargained for. Amidst the scandal, Teebillz revealed that Tiwa had more than just a working relationship with Don Jazzy, he alleged that she slept with him. Tiwa in her own way tried to quell the rumor with first dismissing it, then addressing it in a viral video, it, however, continued to wax stronger, until Don Jazzy came out to address the rumor himself. In all of these, Jazzy and her record label stood by her through it all. We are sure it is going to be one emotional day at the Mavins record label. Photo Credit: Getty

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