Money Ritual: Not All Money Ritual Is Bad – Herbalist Reveals The Good & Bad Ones

money ritual
Herbalist Jinadu Lukman Kekereawo Balogun Iledi Awo of Osun state has come out to clear the air when it comes to the various types of money ritual.
money ritual

In an exclusive interview with KOKO TV Jinadu Lukman pointed out that it is not all types that are bad. He went on to state that everyone is doing money ritual even the white men because as long as you go to church or mosque and you use prayer water, oil or anything in order to get money, that is also ritual?
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When asked Is it all type of money rituals that is bad? He said, there are various types of money rituals and it’s not all that is bad. Some people call it money ritual while others say it is something you do to ensure you have money. Some will call them Osole and there is another one called Tutu Owo Gan.
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This money ritual we are talking about is also known as something you do to get money which is different from Osole. Is it all money ritual that is bad? It is not all types of money ritual that is bad, for example, there is no one on earth that doesn’t pray concerning his work or business, that is also money ritual, either you go to a mosque or a church and you are buying oil, it is also money ritual. Watch the interview here;
money ritual
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