KOKO Docuseries: Why Money Ritual Does Not Work For Everybody – Herbalist Reveals

money ritual
Herbalist Kekereawo has come out to reveal why money ritual doesn’t work and sometimes backfires for some people.money ritual

In an exclusive interview with KOKO TV the herbalist stated that being a ritualist doesn’t work for some people because most times they meet the wrong Babalawo, who sometimes doesn’t check or consult their Ori on what kind of ritual will work for the individual.
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When asked; There are some people that do money rituals but it doesn’t work for them, what is the cause?  He replied, this kind of people when they are going to meet the herbalist, lets not forget there are herbalists and there are mere herbalists, while some won’t even ask what kind of money ritual will favour his destiny even if he combines 15 heads together to do money ritual, it will never work. That is why it is necessary to always ask your creator (Eleda) what kind of money ritual will suit you. While some people, there are some sacrifices the herbalist is meant to do for them but he won’t do it, all because they are in a hurry to have money and this will cause them that no matter the type of money ritual they do, it won’t work.
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Does it mean that not everybody can do money rituals? When people do money rituals and it backfires, what is the cause? This means the money ritual he did has gotten to its expiry date because it is said ”that when you try to bite more than you can chew, you should be ready to have your mouth open for a long time,” which means that is the end of the person. Watch the interview here;
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