Money For Hand, Back For Ground — Lady Advices Fellow Gender (Video)

Nigerian lady stirs up controversial debate with her advice to fellow women on what to do if a man tries to sleep with them at their first meeting.

She shared a video to her Tiktok page, @eveilfriend5, wh

ere she made her opinion public.

According to her, most men nowadays like to pretend with the promise of a relationship to sleep with women.

Upon understanding their pattern, she advised women to be a step ahead by demanding for money when they do such.

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Even though they might get accused of prostitution, she claims it is wiser than letting the man sleep with them for free under the guise of a relationship.

See some reactions to the video here

@prince asked: “hope you can defend this video few years time when your husband to be ask for explanation.”

@timagold2323 added: “I swear e happen to me I no fit cry e no comot for my heart till e go give me that money I no go forgive am i swear 💔”

@Cutebae84 said: “I swear my sister you’re saying the truth”

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@stannleynn opined: “As an Edo guy, our women eh, na dem worst for this present Gen Z so. Nothing just deh head, na why i no deh vex when i see the stereotype cos plenty lie no deh inside”

@agbala_nwanyi001 noted: “She is spitting fact but they will still drag her.. Pained men won’t like this post..”

@neetah_00 reacted: “She has a point though! 😂Don’t allow a man with no serious intentions towards you to eat you for free…”

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