Thursday, December 1, 2022

Monday Musings: There Shouldn’t Be A Justification For Cheating!

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Since Monday is a day picked aside by the ladies to celebrate the awesome men in their lives, we also believe there are some ladies who still can’t wrap their fingers around the reason why their men still cheat on them. I think we should start with the myth that says it’s actually normal for men to cheat, well it’s not normal but we have made ourselves believe that it’s part of our customs and we might as well get used to it. Today we will be talking about a few out of many reasons why men cheat.

      1. Boredom/Unfeasible expectations: At some point in a committed relationship boredom usually sets in, but going from being bored to being adulterous should be given a deep thought, like thinking your partner will fulfil all your desires is a major companion to boredom. So watch it.                                                                                                 
      1. To destroy the relationship: As we all know, to cheat usually leaves a lasting damage on an individual and if care is not taken it rubs them of their self-esteem. Some men cheat because they want to leave the current partner and they don’t care about how the woman feels, after all, they are ready to move on.                                                         
      1. Insecurities: Insecurity can arise in any man at any time. There is a big amount of pressure on men of this generation like being intelligent, handsome, rich, funny and so on. So in order to prop up a sagging ego cheating works pretty well (for a little while). It’s a way to feel appreciated outside the relationship and it’s way cheaper than buying a Bugatti.                                                           
    1. The bottom line is, men, don’t have a candid reason for cheating on someone they love. If only they can be contented with what they have, seek help and talk about what is working and not working in their relationships then everything will be fine. ‘

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