Thursday, October 21, 2021

Monday Musings: As Nigeria’s Brand Ambassador, Dammy Krane Has Done A Fantastic Job

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I had a date last week. It was with an old high school friend who was visiting her homeland again after academics took her on a sojourn to a foreign land for 10 years. It was to be a strictly platonic evening, just former co-ed friends laughing, reminiscing with me only worryingly praying that my girl don’t call to ask of my whereabouts before the night was done. But as the day arrived, I started to have a new kind of worry – “How can I leave my friend impressed with how my life has turned out?”The solution came to me in a moment of brilliance. I can no longer judge Archimedes to be a mad man for running down the streets naked. I now know what it feels like battling the temptation to strip down in jubilation when one simple idea solves “all the problems” in your life. The answer to my worry was simple – Instead of driving to the date in my reliable but battered Toyota Camry, I will exchange my keys for the C-class sedan parked in perpetuity in my parents’ compound. Problem solved!That was the story of my life last week. This is the story of Dammy Krane. This would always be the story of Nigerians. Our values are somewhat built on showing off what we don’t own to impress people we don’t even necessarily like because our society judges our value by that. Our culture in this nation is to celebrate the flashy, the glamorous, the ostentatious displays, the rainmakers, the luxe showoffs. The Nigerian dream has never concerned itself with freedom or equality. The Nigerian dream has even never been about who owns what. It has always been rather, who shows what.It seems fun now to castigate a young Dammy Krane for his grand theft charge in USA but we all put him there. While he was basically living on a private jet for the days leading up to his arrest, we all celebrated and encouraged the newest “big boy” even though we all knew deep within us that his weak musical career couldn’t possibly be funding this new luxurious lifestyle. We are not to be blamed either though. That’s the way we were brought up. We know no other way. We are both perpetrators and victims of this vicious value system.When Nigerian ladies popularise the school of thought that any potential suitor must be living in his own well furnished apartment with a couple of cars parked outside, they are all spurring on every Dammy Krane out there. When churches refuse to acknowledge members by any other way apart from their potential financial contributions, a Dammy Krane is in the process of being born. When displays of questionable wealth on Instagram gets the most likes, even I am tempted to do a Dammy Krane.Until the nation realigns its value system, we are not entitled to point a condemning finger at Dammy Crane and the countless others that are bound to succeed him. Until we judge people by the contents of their hearts and not their wallet, we deserve every bit of brand publicity that all Dammy Kranes give to Nigeria. Until I learn to be content with my 2004 Camry rather than pass off someone else’s luxury car as mine, I am just like Dammy Krane.Photo Credit: Getty

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