Mom Calls Out Deeper Life High School Uyo For Maltreating Son

Mom Calls Out Deeper Life High School Uyo For Maltreating Son
A Nigerian mom has called out the authorities and management of the Deeper Life High School, Uyo, for the numerous abuses and assaulted passed on her son, which had reduce the once well talking, agile and chubby boy into a frightened sad boy, whose ribs and bony cage could be seen.
The angered mother identified as Deborah Okezie brought the case of her son to the public in a Facebook live video which went viral, asking that Nigerians come to her aid. She showed pictures of the boy on his resumption to the school, noted that her son had been taken out of their home to a boarding school for the first time in his life about 2 months after the lockdown.
She revealed that she started having terrible dreams about her son just a month after he got into the Deeper Life High School, where she visited only for the management to say she could not see him, she had to go see him by force and was shocked with the figure she saw.
His only offence was that he bedwets, which according to her, she told the management when he was admitted.
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The young boy recounted that he would be sent by his seniors to their blocks, where he would be forced to remove his boxers. They will then, in turn, put their hands and toes into his anus and threaten to kill him if he ever reports to the Principal or his mom. The mother further alleged that he was made to starve for days.
Giving an update in another video, Deborah Okezie noted that the Deeper Life High School Principal has removed her from the Parents WhatsApp group, after sending a long note to the platform, saying her allegations are lies.
The assaulted Deeper Life High School boy
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