Mind Your Business And Leave People’s Relationships Alone – Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal KOKO TV NG

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has again taken to her social media to share her thoughts on certain relationship issues. According to the actress, people need to learn how to mind their business and not butt into other people’s relationship issues. Sharing a photo of Cardi B and her man Offset who seem to have settled their issue, Moyo wrote; Moyo Lawal KOKO TV NG ”This is why …. …… ….. I avoid getting involved in couples wahala at all costs …. The *two both of them* usually know why they are together. So whether , he is sleeping around , she is sleeping around ••• He is beating her, She is beating him ••• She is emotionally abusing him or the other way round••• She is paying all the bills 😴😴😴 … It is nobody’s business yooo ••• ……. ……. …. …. p.s .. Remember you don’t know , what goes on behind closed doors and that is the real *Koko* …. So just say sorry, give tiny advise and mind your own business 😝….. Remember some women enjoy fighting , so they will fight side Chics at every given opportunity 🙈 …. Some women enjoy being beating to them , its a sign of affection 😱Orisirisi😒…. Some men enjoy sharing their women , to them it is a sign of having a beautiful woman 😰 …. Soooo oooh …..mind your ……😛😂😂.” Mind Your Business And Leave People's Relationships Alone - Moyo Lawal 1Photo Credit: Moyo Lawal/ Getty


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