Honour The Electoral Process And Do Your Part For A Smooth Transition Of Government-Michelle Obama Sends Message To The Trump Administration

Michelle Obama has a message for the trump administration and the republican party after the results of the US elections.  The former first lady of the United States of America penned a lengthy note to the administration via her Instagram handle.

Michelle shared that the activities of Donald Trump since Joe Biden was elected the next president of the United States, caused her to reflect on 4 years ago when her husband, then president, Barack Obama had to open their doors wide to Trump and his team for a seamless handover despite him spreading racist lies about her husband which put her family in danger.

She also mentioned that the margin between him and Clinton in 2016 was less than what Joe Biden had in 2020 to secure his win but the American people had spoken and in the spirit of preserving the democratic process, the will of the people had to be respected. Michelle Obama urged Trump, his team and his party to do same by allowing for the Biden administration to begin its transition into power in readiness for January 2021.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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