Michael Jordan Voted NBA G.O.A.T Ahead Of Lebron James


Michael Jordan has been adjudged the greatest basketball player of all time, according to some NBA players.

In a poll conducted by The Athletic, 103 NBA players chose who their G.O.A.T was with 58.3 percent voting for Jordan ahead of the two Los Angeles Lakers legends.

Like the duel between football icons, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, debates have endured in the Basketball front on who is the best between Jordan and James.

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In February 2023, James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become NBA’s all-time leading scorer. Many people claimed by passing Abdul-Jabbar, he became the undisputed GOAT. However, others disagreed.

The popular argument for Jordan is his 6-0 record in the NBA titles, while LeBron advocates usually point to his unprecedented longevity and consistency.

However, the poll conducted by Athletic saw more than half adjudging Jordan as the GOAT. James was second with 33 percent of the vote, while Kobe Bryant came in at 6.8 percent.

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Abdul-Jabbar did not receive a single vote, while Bill Russell and Tracy McGrady received some.


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